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December 2000 - Nr. 12


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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

Alright! It’s here

…the carnival – or Mardi Gras – season. As usual the K.G. Eintracht, Oakville opened the season in Oakville’s Galaxy Club. This time without the "Sekt Bar" I was told.


Opening at the Hansa Haus

Treue Husaren Mississauga Girl Guard (at the Hansa Haus)The next event was the opening by the K.G. Treuer Husar, Mississauga (THM) at the Hansa Haus. It was a nearly sold out event. For the "Garde"-girls it was the first exposure for this new season and they did quite well. The K.G. Lorelei, Oshawa also sent the girl-guard to entertain with guard and show dances to the delight of the audience.

Ulli Müller introduces the new medal (at the Hansa Haus)One of the "highlights" of the evening was the "unveiling" – so to speak – of the new medal. The new THM medalIt features the Mississauga Town Hall and a picture of "Hurricane Hazel" – Hazel McCallion – the illustrious and long time mayor of Mississauga, who is a long-time friend and supporter of the THM. I thought that was a nice touch and I don’t think I was alone.Wilf Küsters, President of the THM (at the Hansa Haus)

The Lorelei Girl Guard (Opening at the Hansa Haus)Visitors had come from most of the other carnival societies to share the fun.

One of the "Low-lights" was the smoking ban on the club’s premises and that fact gathered many negative remarks up to the point where people said they would not come back to the Hansa Haus. Friedhelm Krumme and daughter during "Einmarsch" (at the Hansa Haus)They cannot understand why a private club should bow to regulations like that. The only place you could light up was between the front doors. The positive aspect of this was that you met a lot of nice people there – and I mean a lot! Well, I think the club could loose a lot of business that way. Especially in the winter when it really gets cold out there.Wilf Küsters (left), the new medal for Gerd and Ingrid Brachlow (at the Hansa Haus)

The Lorelei Show Dancers

There were also a number of "Nutcrackers" from the Erzgebirge region in Saxonia for sale in the foyer of the club. Well, this is the season for them. Beautifully hand-crafted they did attract a lot of attention.

Opening in Kitchener

The next weekend was the opening in Kitchener – another non-smoking area in Ontario.

Awakening of the "Hopeditz" (Opening in Kitchener)As always, the "Hoppeditz" arrived in a closed coffin – was awakened and reluctantly emerged, to open the season in Kitchener.The "Hopeditz" opens carneval season (Opening in Kitchener)



The last hurrah (Opening in Kitchener)It was the last "Hurra" for His Foolishness Prince Peter and Her Loveliness Princess Claudia. This was the night when they were "disregaled" or is it "disroyaled" (couldn’t find it in the dictionary). They took it quite well, however and changed into "Civvies" behind a curtain on stage and left with Claudia swinging an object and Peter cowering in fear.Claudia abdicates (Opening in Kitchener)

Then it was time to crown the new royal couple in the traditional manner. They were Prince Albert I. and Princess


Bearer of the crown (Opening in Kitchener)Bearer of the Prince's cap (Opening in Kitchener)





Ready to take the reign (Opening in Kitchener)

Albert I. von Berlin reads the royal proclamation (Opening in Kitchener)Helga I. from Berlin. Fred Wagner, the BDKK president inaugurated the new royals with "Ritterschlag" – only this time he didn’t have a sword but had to use the sceptre of the new Narrenzunft choice, instead.

Getting "dog insurance" (Opening in Kitchener)

Karin Zimmermann did not talk in the "Bütt" this time but tried to get her two dogs "insured" with Hildegard Saur – the insurance agent – albeit unsuccessfully I might add. Hilarious!

One of the other highlights was the guard-dance by the entire Narrenzunft guard, Seniors, Juniors and Kinder-guard. A performance that was greatly appreciated by the audience.

London's "Dreigestirn" (Opening in Kitchener)It was nice to see a number of rare visitors again. Audrey and Frank – ex royals from London – Downriver Detroit with their 88 year old mascot – you saw her picture in this paper last year – and many other dignitaries, too many to list them all here. Another royal couple that had made an appearance were the prince and princess from the Narrhalla 58, Hamilton. 

K.G. Downriver - Detroit (Opening in Kitchener)Now 88 years old (Opening in Kitchener)





The Hamilton Royal Couple (Opening in Kitchener)


Opening in Hamilton

David Simon hands over a commemorative plaque to the Royal Couple (Opening in Hamilton)Unfortunately the Hamilton Royals went down the tube at the opening in Hamilton this last Saturday. They became just Hugh and Monika Turner again. Hugh resumed his new post as president of the "Council of 11 Jesters" amd Monika resumed her post as president of the female equivalents.

The enforced "disrobing" of Monika (Opening in Hamilton)The "de-robing – de-crowning – de-whatever ceremony was quite a drawn out affair and it took some effort to divest Monika of her cape, but Albert Kergl managed it with the customary flair – one could tell that he had experience.

The new "civilians": Peter and Claudia Schöpke (Opening in Hamilton)The ceremony was also closely watched by the Schöpkes, (Ex-royals from Kitchener) who were guests at this function and were reminded (mit einer Träne im Knopfloch) of their own de-frocking, only a week earlier.

Aiming the cannon (Opening in Hamilton)I would like to say it again – and I know that most carnivalists will agree – Kitchener and Hamilton had provided some of the best "Royal Couples" we have had in a long time. Their dedication and flair for the job was legendary. Sorry about that, guys. I know civilian life sucks. But life goes on and so does Mardi Gras, I hope. But on the plus-side of the equation is still the fact that you did not have to order new medals again for this season – that should cheer you up. Well, a little anyway.

The confetti shot (Opening in Hamilton)Unfortunately the Narrhalla ’58 did not manage to find a royal couple for this season to lead the faithful through these stressful carnival events. It will be tough, but the Narrhalla has weathered other storms before. Chin up, it could be worse – I think.

The Euro Connection did a great job of providing the musical background to the ceremony and later made sure that the dance floor was never empty. Great job, guys! We are all grateful.

Kudos also to George – of Nikky’s restaurant - for providing the tasty buffet and the delicious cheesecake.

Well, this is it, for this year anyway. See you all again next year when we finish this season with more foolish merriment until Ash Wednesday.

Alaaf and Helau, as always

Dick Altermann

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