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December 2000 - Nr. 12


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Fairs and Affairs

Christmas Fair 
at the Danube Swabian Club

Many attractions at the Danube Swabian Christmas Fair Any event open to the public attracts a variety of people. They all attend for their own reasons, motivated by their very personnel reality. Thus we cannot be surprised to see even the so-called "odd man/woman out", a stranger, at something that might be a typically German event such as the Christmas Fair at the Danube Swabian event. It definitely is an in house, in community event, yet attracts people of non-German cultural backgrounds. When we speak of German cultural background we of course mean the culture that is bound not by geographical/political boarders but that elusive yet strong tie of language and customs that tie people together beyond the boarders we can see on a world map. Home-made decorations (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair) The culture connected to the German Language has permeated many countries. Not just the eastern Europeans are familiar with it, even though to them it literally is second nature to hear German. It was their second language during the entire time of the cold war. People of German cultural background have also emigrated to all over the world and always tend to check out "things German" wherever they go. And then there are those that lived in Germany for a while and became familiar with the culture. And we must not forget our mixed marriages, which amazingly there are quite e few!The Advent wreath, just add four candles (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair)

Not too long ago we had a phone call from a Chinese health Professional who lived, studies and practised his specialties for several years in Germany. He loves German food and Gemuetlichkeit and does not want to miss it. Echo Germanica is his link to this pleasant part of his past. Hopefully he finds his way to some of our seasonal festivities and identifies himself to us. We would love to meet him.

A small town ready to assemble (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair)Similarly we have Chinese neighbours, a young couple- recently immigrated, who asked for some back copies of our paper for Chinese friends of theirs who had lived for a couple of years in Germany. What I mean is that once someone has partaken of the peculiar brand of German hospitality and culture in any way they tend to like it a lot and look for it wherever they are.An angel for the crib (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair)

The fisherman's boat (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair)So do not be surprised it you look into some unusually cut eyes in an unusual colour such as black pearls, as I heard it described recently in a TV show.


Marilyn Mushinsky, M.P.P., does the honours (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair)But back to the first Christmas Fair at the Danube Swabian Club in Scarborough. Of course Marilyn Mushinski MPP, was at hand, as she is every year, to cut the ribbon. Every level and every corner of the building was filled with either exhibits or opportunities to sit, eat or drink. It did not matter what the time was, there was hardly a seat to be had at any time. Like the shopping the food is always good in the club. The smells, sights and sounds are familiar and the perfect kick off to our most favourite season. I found everything my heart desired: Baltic Amber, smoked goose breast East-Prussian style, traditional candles and toys, classical, contemporary and seasonal music, fancy jewellery and interesting gift items, hand painted and crafted wooden items from here and abroad, and of course the many different sweet Christmas treats, all at very good prices.Carved Smokers [Räuchermännchen] (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair)

A Christmas star (Danube Swabian Christmas Fair)



Next we shall congregate in Kitchener and immediately afterward Toronto has a German Christmas Market for the first time on Nathan Philip Square. Be sure to go there and encourage also your Canadian friends to visit.


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