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Driver's Licence Agreements with Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  QUEEN’S PARK - Ontario is expanding its global approach to encouraging investment in the province by signing reciprocal driver’s licence agreements with Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Transportation Minister David Turnbull announced today. The agreements are effective today.

Turnbull recently signed accords with Austrian and Swiss officials and exchanged letters of agreement with Germany, covering class G and G2 licences for passenger motor vehicles. The Swiss agreement includes motorcycles (class M and M2.)

"These reciprocal agreements benefit business people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who live and work in Ontario, as well as Ontarians who have relocated to those countries," said Turnbull. "This cooperation supports our government’s goal to create an environment that encourages economic growth and prosperity in the province, while maintaining road safety as a top priority."

Qualified Ontario drivers who relocate to Germany, Austria or Switzerland will now be able to exchange their driver’s licences without additional training, written tests or road tests. Similarly, qualified drivers from those three countries can go to an MTO Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office and have their tests waived.

Ontario also has reciprocal driver’s licence agreements with all other Canadian provinces and territories, some American states, Japan and Korea.

"As well as providing a high level of customer service, these reciprocal agreements add to the attractiveness of Ontario as a place to do business and to enjoy a high standard of living," Turnbull added. "The reciprocity program is consistent with our commitment to road user safety, and it upholds the integrity of the ministry’s Graduated Licensing System (GLS)."

The Minister has written to the remaining European Union countries to gauge their interest in negotiating reciprocal driver’s licence agreements with the province.

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