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June 2001 - Nr. 6


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Upcoming Event


Announcing Lunenburg 250 
- The Grand Family Reunion -

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 15, 2001 - They came to Nova Scotia 250 years ago-families large and small-fleeing religious persecution and frequent wars, all dreaming of a better life. From 1750 until 1752, roughly 2,700 people left primarily German states (including the Palatinate, Württemburg, Darmstadt-Hesse, Bavaria, Saxony and Baden), Swiss cantons, and the French-speaking Principality of Montbéliard.

These "Foreign Protestants" arrived in Halifax almost immediately after its founding in 1749. Relations with the Aboriginal population were hostile, and the Expulsion of the Acadians loomed on the horizon. The transient settlers endured privations and disease while they waited for promised land grants. They waited, and they prayed.

Their dreams came to fruition in June 1753 with the creation of Lunenburg-a permanent home for approximately 1,400 of the immigrants. Situated on Nova Scotia’s south shore, the new community lent itself to fishing and shipbuilding, trades that would serve the settlers and their descendants well for several generations.

In honour of Lunenburg’s 250th anniversary, the Grand Family Reunion Planning Committee invites all descendants of the town’s first families to a five-day celebration beginning on July 10, 2003. "We’re dedicated to creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for all Lunenburg 250 attendees," said Chris Young, Committee Chair. "A shared love of genealogy and history forms the basis of our event, and we envision a week full of discovery and adventure."

As plans unfold, the Committee holds to Mr. Young’s simple vision:

  • Hug long lost and new found relatives - and tip our hats to those passed on.
  • Fill in the blanks in our search for our roots.
  • Meet other genealogists for a mutually beneficial exchange of information, both during and after the Reunion.
  • Find out who our ancestors were by any traces they left behind and wherethat information may be found.
  • Visit the churches where they worshiped, the land on which they lived and worked, and the cemeteries where they were buried.
  • Hear from noted genealogists and historians who can put the unique nature of this community in greater perspective and explain why it is so special.
  • Be tourists and visit this place everyone keeps raving about!

"Most of all," said Mr. Young, "we see the Grand Family Reunion as a REALLY FUN EVENT!"

Expect excitement in the air as descendants of the first families gather in picturesque Lunenburg-a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the events planned include:

  • Voyage from Halifax to Lunenburg
  • Family information booths
  • Ecumenical church service
  • Formal presentations
  • Guided and self guided tours
  • Book fair and marketplace
  • ...and much, much more.

For information on Lunenburg 250 - The Grand Family Reunion, please contact:

Chris Young
Planning Committee Chair
60-302 College Avenue West
Guelph ON N1G 4T6 Canada
email: thewiz@sentex.net www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/8785/L250.html 

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