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June 2001 - Nr. 6

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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  
Dear Reader

Canada’s tourist industry is dong well. Any nation with a strong currency loves to spend money here. We ourselves are doing well if we stay home this year, all the more reason to rediscover our own land. But if we do go for instance abroad, there still are a few good deals to be had, as the one with our contest provider itravel2000 who arranged the flight tickets to Düsseldorf. Our winner for the month of April is Henry Laube from Kitchener. We thank him for playing and congratulate him on his win. Next month we let you know who won for the month of May. In the meantime, if you did not win, there are still good charter prices available for that trip across the ocean with LTU. Austrian Airlines also has fair prices for a regular airline.

Spring GreetingsIf you are staying here or are visiting we want you to have fun exploring our region. Toronto alone has more to see and experience than you can press into a few weeks. Excursions to all sorts of interesting places are available at reasonable prices. Why drive if you can be driven? Check out the offers such as Mokassin Tours offer and see the sites as a tourist. It is great fun and much more relaxing than driving yourselves.

A look at the apple treeSince the weather is not what we would wish it to be for the season it is a good idea to make these long overdue visits to the museum. The Art Gallery of Ontario and the ROM have fabulous exhibits at any time. This year is no exception. Read "Views and Reviews" for suggestions, also regarding some current and interesting literature. Otherwise there is the festival of Caravan, where for a few dollars you can travel around the world with a passport and our local TTC. The Danube Swabians are the only ones representing German culture. The Hansa Club represents us during Carabram. Please consult the ads and support the community’s efforts.

If you feel like an excursion we recommend the Festival of the Sound in beautiful Parry Sound between July 20th and August 12th. You can experience some of the world’s most beloved music and lots of wonderful outdoor activities. You might even meet an old friend up there like Mark DuBois who will be singing for us again in the fall at the Hansa House. For more information call 705-746-2410 or visit their website at www.festivalofthesound.on.ca or connect to our website: www.echoworld.com .

August is still a while in the future, but it is important to know that this year there will be again a GERMAN DAY at the CNE! Gaby Schick has been the organizer this year and we should be very grateful for her involvement. Echo Germanica will of course have a hand in it and I am happy to announce that I will be the master of ceremonies, as usual. The difference this year is the day of the event itself and the location. If you remember, we used to have it on the community stage next to the food building. This year we have our special day on Opening Day and at the prestigious Band Shell! The entertainment will have all the old familiar elements, but will be complemented by visitors from overseas and a fashion show. The food will be catered by Lein’s Delicatessen, as always.

Watch out for more details in the next issue!

I want to thank all the readers who took the time to call or write to congratulate us on our 35th wedding anniversary. We spent a good portion of the day with a couple of ex-colleagues over brunch at the Mövenpick. You might remember Monika Lang and Eva Wazda, and in case you are wondering, they are well. I am also happy that you liked my Mother’s Day poem. Unfortunately I do not have one for Father’s Day. Instead I offer you my admiration of our apple tree, which - unlike last year - blossomed beautifully this year.

Anyway, put an umbrella over your most delicate flowers so they do not drown in the rain. I did - it works quite well, and get out there and celebrate the absence of snow and ice. The only thing cold enough to remind us of the winter wonders should possibly be the beer you get dad on the day we remember all his good deeds over the last year.

Happy Father’s Day and welcome to Toronto!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

P.S.: In July, it will be decided where the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games are held. Toronto has a very good chance of hosting this prestigious event. The nee-sayers forget one all important thing: it might cost a lot of money but it will give us plenty to benefit from later. It might be difficult, but if we pull it off we will have made it go right because we worked together in unison. This I see as a great gain to such a big community as ours. Please, support the bid for the Olympics.

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