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September 2001 - Nr. 9


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GS Hospitality Connections

It was our day!


German Day at the EX! 
It was great, but then that was expected and it took place at the band shell this year. About 1,200 people showed up, less in the afternoon, more for the evening part of the program. Some of the spectators I spoke with attended the first part of the program, then went to visit parts of the CNE and came back again later.

A parading start (German Canadian Showcase 2001)The performers from Germany, the "Alpenwind Band" and the "Schalmeien Band", from Hüfingen in the Black Forest, were very well received. The Schalmeien band – dressed in medieval uniforms reminiscent of the 3 Musketeers, provided the body of the parade that was led by the MC, our Sybille and various flags at 12:30, to get the event under way. (See also our front page) Performances were continuous. There was always something going on to keep the crowd entertained.

Baaremer Schalmeien Hüfingen - follow the leader (German Canadian Showcase 2001)You are probably wondering what "Schalmeien" are. Well, originally it was an old woodwind instrument that later evolved into the Oboe (according to Knaurs Lexikon). Now this instrument has been reconfigured to an assembly of several metal horns (four, six or more bunched together) that each play only one note. It is a little difficult to play since each musician’s score shows only the notes that apply to him. 

The Baaremer Schalmeien Hüfingen and their great sound (German Canadian Showcase 2001) But when they all play together it is a great and unusual brass sound. Our thanks go out to Teresa Mayer from Rochester, New York, who brought them and the Alpenwind Band to us on their first visit to North America. 

The Alpenwind and their youngest fan  (German Canadian Showcase 2001) After the Schalmeien Band finished their gig the Alpenwind took over for the balance of the afternoon. The Schalmeien group went to Niagara Falls to see – you guessed it - the "Falls", what else does one do when visiting this part of Canada.

Reha Enterprises booth & Bug (German Canadian Showcase 2001)A number of interesting static displays were set up at the entrance to the band shell area including Reha Enterprises’ VW Bug – all in yellow and decorated with the "herbacin" product info. Even the wheels had hubcaps shaped like a camomile flower. It was very striking and very effective, judging by the number of customers that crowded around the booth. (And not only for the samples that were freely given away!) 

Booth of the GNTO (German Canadian Showcase 2001) Other displays included the German National Tourist Office, Austrian Airlines, The Historical Society, Euro Sound, The Christmas Store, German Tour and Event Co., to remind us of the upcoming Toronto Christmas Market, First Choice Limousine, Embassy Suites Hotel, Deerhurst Resort, Moll Berczy House and Regina’s Dirndlstube, on the other side of the lawn, beside the Food Service that was catered by Lein’s Delicatessen. Lein’s also fed all the performers and the guests.

Other sponsors were Sauter’s Inn, Olympic Athlete, Minto Place, Via Rail Canada and Austrian Airlines.

The fashion show cast (German Canadian Showcase 2001)A wonderful fashion show was organized by Regina’s Dirndlstube, which featured traditional wear for all occasions – based on original "Trachten" (costumes) of Germany and Austria. 

Two Little Red Riding Hoods (German Canadian Showcase 2001) This was definitely one of the highlights of the afternoon – especially for the ladies present. It and the dance numbers were organized and choreographed by Regina’s daughter Barbara.


Tobias Oriwol's interview (German Canadian Showcase 2001)Sybille also introduced Tobias Oriwol, our Olympic hopeful in backstroke swimming. 



Harmonie & the Brass (German Canadian Showcase 2001)The evening part of the event started with the Harmonie Brass Show Band and the German and Canadian national anthems and another set of their special sound.

5 Choirs - 1 Conductor (German Canadian Showcase 2001)Then came the entrance of the (5) "Mass Choirs". That took a while since well over 150 singers had to position themselves on the band shell stage. But it was worth the wait; lots of great voices and lots of great songs. The wind liked it so much, he carried some of it away.

High, higher, highest - the Treue Husaren Mississauga (German Canadian Showcase 2001)Carnival – or Mardi Gras – was not forgotten. The K.G. Treuer Husar, Mississauga’s dance guard performed a "Guard Dance", a "Funkenmariechen" (Funky) solo and a show dance. Thanks, guys!Showdance (German Canadian Showcase 2001)





Flying Polka (German Canadian Showcase 2001)Next on the agenda was the Danube Swabian Club. Their dance groups performed folk dances including the famous "Flying Polka", followed by the all-grown-up "Forget-Me-Nots" and the Szauter family in full fabulous force.Waltzing away... (German Canadian Showcase 2001)


Swiss contentMore Harmonie Brass sounds afterwards, including a performance on three "Alphorns" that were each about twice as long as the players. Some people in the audience had never seen them except in the "Ricola" commercials on TV, I was told.

The next item was a draw for the prizes sponsored by Austrian Airlines, Sauter’s Inn, Minto Place, Embassy Suites, VIA Rail and the Deerhurst Resort.

Marlene's "Lili Marleen" à la Sybille (German Canadian Showcase 2001)The evening concluded with a hot "Marlene Dietrich" performance by Sybille – that looked and sounded like the real thing from where I was sitting. Then Gabi Schick, who organized this fantastically well-run event, bid everyone Goodbye with a few well-chosen words and thanks to everyone who participated or attended. It is perhaps redundant to mention that both, Gabi and Sybille received large bouquets of flowers at the end of this successful event.

Dick Altermann

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