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October 2001 - Nr. 10


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Romantic Castle or Convivial Coziness

German Hospitality Has Tradition

DZT - The romantic Main River town Miltenberg is famous for the oldest princely inn in Germany, the Hotel "Riesen," first mentioned in 1158.

Still today, guests can feel the historic flair of the house, even though medieval ambiance has made way for modern comfort.

No one has to sleep the way the "Princess and the Pea" did in Andersen’s fairy tale. From the North- and Baltic Sea coasts to the Alps, there are accommodations in which it is worthwhile to stay because they are duty bound to keep tradition.

Dream in princely ambiance or enjoy the highest luxury behind a protected historic facade – Germany’s hospitality is unique in its variety and leaves no wish unfulfilled in regard to facilities and style.


Wellness and fitness for guests

Friendly service, facilities for one’s well-being and modern, international comfort are understood – whether in a first-class hotel, a stylishly-renovated country house or a convivial cozy guest house.

Leisure facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, solaria and fitness areas have long catered to the demands of the visitor. Often there are tennis courts and many houses have bicycles for the use of their guests. Halls can be rented for conferences, receptions and family celebrations.

No guest need go to bed hungry or thirsty: exquisite restaurants pamper them with regional and international specialties from kitchen and cellar.


Pure luxury or Spartan simplicity

Castle- and fortress hotels are a feast for the eyes not only from the outside. The interior decoration is impressive with stylishly-furnished rooms and elegant suites. The successful coordination of historic building materials and modern furnishing create a special atmosphere.

Even the drive to one of these imposing hotels is fascinating. Often they lie within well-cared-for parks in which hotel guests can stroll as their hearts desire, or they are enthroned high above idyllic river

landscapes. Here the guests’ dream of exclusive living comes true.

Naturally, adventurers can also find a peaceful place – in a hay hotel, for example. These rustic establishments are enjoying increasing popularity in country areas. Even the cloisters are opening their doors to those who like it Spartan. A meditation vacation is particularly in demand by those who suffer job stress.

Special Hotels

Small but fine:
The Künstlerhaus in Regensburg

A special hotel stands near the Regensburg Cathedral: the "Künstlerhaus." Five individually-decorated rooms are in the narrowest house in the Old Town – one room on each floor. For example, there is the Wind- and Water Room in Asian style, a Space Room for Trekkie fans and the Heavenly Room for those in love.

A night with breakfast costs between 150 and 180 marks (76.69 and 92.03 Euro).

Information: Künstlerhaus, Alter Kornmarkt 3, D-93047 Regensburg. Tel. 0941-57134. Fax 5998411. Internet: www. himmelzimmer.de


Dine and dream like a prince in a castle hotel

Far from the city centre and nevertheless in the geographical centre of Germany, the castle hotel "Prinz von Hessen" in Friedewald in Hessen concerns itself with the welfare of its guests. True to the philosophy of the five-star house "Dine and Dream like a Prince," this respectable establishment provides the highest comfort.

Where Hessian landgraves once resided, today one can be pampered at a beauty farm.

In the restaurant, the gourmet can choose among international, regional and rustic specialties. Sports and cultural programs are gladly arranged and suitable space is available for congresses.

A double room with breakfast costs per person from 355 marks (181.51 Euro) and a suite costs between 450 and 850 marks (230.08 and 434.60 Euro).

Information: Meirotel Schlosshotel "Prinz von Hessen," Schlossplatz 1, D-36289 Friedewald. Tel. 06674-92240. Fax 9224250. Internet: www.meirotels.de


Online at the Rhön Park Hotel

Send an e-mail, check the current stock market quotations or surf through the web sites – the Rhön Park Hotel in Hausen-Roth makes it possible.

Each of the 320 rooms in the four-star hotel has an internet connection. The online service of the hotel is available in two variations, for the professional or the beginner. And small guests have not been forgotten with the multi-media service. They can have exciting adventures at the Sony Playstation.

In addition to the virtual program, the vacation hotel in the Rhön Nature Park offers plenty of entertainment – for example at the bowling alley, at the pool complex, with shopping or in the restaurants.

A night costs from 135 marks (69.02 Euro) per person.

Information: Rhön Park Hotel, Rother Kuppe 2, D-97647 Hausen-Roth. Tel. 09779-910. Fax 911840. Internet: www. rhoen-park-hotel.de


Refuge for individualists: 
the "Kleine Mühle" country hotel near Fulda

Travelers who are looking for something special are at the right place in the "Kleine Mühle" country hotel in Grossenlüder. Both inside and out, the original architecture of the renovated former water mill creates a comfortable, stylish atmosphere.

The location of this refuge near the Baroque city Fulda is also unique. A 15-acre island of peace – surrounded by the Lüder Creek and a mill moat – with old, exotic trees and Germany’s largest sandstone trough- and millstone collection enhances the vacation atmosphere.

The hotel has a restaurant that pampers guests with a light kitchen and can fulfill individual requests. A night costs between 115 and 135 marks (58.80 and 69. 02 Euro) per person.

Information: Landhotel "Kleine Mühle," St. Georg-Strasse 21, D-36137 Grossenlüder bei Fulda. Tel. 06648-95100. Fax 61123. Internet: www. hotel-kleine-muehle-fulda.de

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