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October 2001 - Nr. 10


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Time for health and beauty:

Germany’s spas offer 
individual well-being programs

DZT - Wellness is not a magic formula, but an essential requirement for health and welfare.

More than 300 classic health centres in Germany have recognized this for a long time and offer their guests up-to-date packages for health vacations.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a healthy climate and promoted by rejuvenation concepts for the individual, the body, soul and spirit are brought into their natural balance.

Everything that is healthy, that makes one vital and lovely, gives a positive outlook on life.

Whether you want an anti-stress seminar, a beauty program or a basic check-up – the way to regeneration is easy because the German spas meet the challenge with innovative and creative ideas.


Bathe in scent, light and colour

What would life be without light, colour and scent?

The healing power of scent was used by the ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago. And that the body reacts to light is well-known.

Properly used, light has a wonderful therapeutic effect on the organism – this, too, is ancient wisdom.

The palette of offers for aroma-, colour- and light therapy is varied and makes one wish to increase one’s beauty and well-being.


Beauty from the sea

Bathing in the sea means pure rejuvenation. Seawater is living; plankton, sea salt and algae deliver amino acid, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins that are necessary for life.

With "Thalasso" beauty comes from the sea and the therapy works like a true fountain of youth. Guests can experience the bliss of this pampering treatment in many German spas. For example, the Thalasso Farm at the Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof in Baden-Baden offers expert care.


No chance for stress

Stress takes many forms and has many causes. Therefore, the solutions should also be varied.

Anti-stress experts know exactly what brings the body, soul and spirit into harmony once again and therefore create individual programs. Regeneration cures – including vitalizing baths, foot reflex-zone massages, meditation, relaxation techniques, fitness training and much more – get right to the point and stress has no chance.


Wellness Packages
Between lifestyle and relaxation in Baden-Baden

Forty-two hotels in Baden-Baden make the wishes and demands of their guests the centre of their individual packages.

Those who want to enjoy absolute luxury or experience culture on the highest level will be pampered with a suitable program, just as those who are seeking rejuvenation can find a proper anti-stress program.

It’s hard to choose from more than 60 attractive special arrangements. Among the offers are "Champagne Days for People in Love," lifestyle & spa, beauty-, wellness-, golf- and festival packages, "Baden Coziness" and "Get to Know Baden-Baden."

The pampering weekend "Red and Black" costs, for example, from 311 marks (159.01 Euro) per person in a double room. It includes two nights, half board, and entry to the Caracalla Thermal Baths and to the casino. The catalogue "Special Arrangements 2001" contains information about all the offers.

Information: Baden-Baden Marketing, Schloss Solms, Solmsstrasse 1, D-76530 Baden-Baden. Tel. 07221-275221. Fax 275260. Internet: www.baden-baden.com


Thalasso at a North Sea dike

Mud and sea salt, sea water and algae are sea products that have been valued for their healing and prevention effects since the days of the ancient Greeks.

The North Sea spa Friedrichskoog offers all the prerequisites for a rejuvenating beauty vacation. A Thalasso Beauty Week, for example, costs from 1,250 marks (639 Euro) per person with bed and breakfast in a vacation apartment and all beauty treatments.

Information: Kurverwaltung, Koogstrasse 66, D-25718 Friedrichskoog. Tel. 04854-904940. Fax 9049419. Internet: www.friedrichskoog.de


Health vacation in the Swabian Alb

Bad Überkingen in the Swabian Alb does something for the sake of health with a comprehensive well-being program. Relaxation- and spine gymnastics, massage, thermal- and whirlpool baths with water gymnastics give the body new swing.

With seven nights, breakfast and extras, the guest pays from 389 marks (198.89 Euro) in a private room, or from 850 marks (434.60 Euro) in a comfort-class hotel.

Information: Kurverwaltung, Garten-strasse 1, D-73337 Bad Überkingen. Tel. 07331-961919. Fax 961999. Internet: www.bad-ueberkingen.de

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