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  25 Years Hansa Chor Brampton

Hansa Chor Brampton  (25 Years Hansa Choir)

A full house  (25 Years Hansa Choir)"People that sing together have no time to think about war" the organizer of some children’s choirs told me recently. "That might very well be true, they certainly have their attention on something creative instead of something destructive" was my answer.

President of the Hansa Choir Brampton, Elvira Kordan  (25 Years Hansa Choir)The time-honoured tradition of choir singing has also strong roots in our community. Nearly every German Club has a choir and then there are other independent ones, some of which have acquired near professional qualities.

The flags of the choirs  (25 Years Hansa Choir)At the 25th Anniversary of the Hansa Chor Brampton, on March 2, 2002, seven guest choirs turned up to help celebrate this important occasion.

Club President Reiner Walter welcomes all guests and choirs  (25 Years Hansa Choir)The evening started with cocktails and the appropriate "Saengergruss", without which no event of this kind can begin. After saying Grace a full course dinner was enjoyed by all, before president Elvira Kordan welcomed together with the Hansa Club’s President Reiner Walter everyone attending.

Honours for 25 year membership  (25 Years Hansa Choir)Then they honoured with the help of the choir’s conductor several members who had been there for 25 years, Hilde Andrzejewski, Inge Breier, Herbert Gross, Erika Liedtke and Erhard Liedtke, one of the founders of the Hansa Chor. At that time in 1977 there were only 7 members, which were soon to grow to the fluctuating number of 35-40.

Honours and thank you for Ehrhard Liedtke  (25 Years Hansa Choir)Mr. Liedtke conducted the choir until 1992 and handed the baton over to Dieter Wueterich until 1998. Since then Wolf Schepp is at the helm. His wife Inge accompanies the choir on the piano.

A welcome from the Hansa Choir's Conductor Wolf Schepp  (25 Years Hansa Choir)After the opening ceremonial section the choir sang the first part of a fine program, a mixture of beloved folksongs, including one by F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.

Lucille Vogel conducts the Heidelberg-Rheingold SingersThe Heidelberg Rheingold Singers, from Niagara, conductor Lucille Vogel, Gaye Impey piano, followed with 4 selections, including the much applauded "Let there be peace on earth", something that is on everyone’s mind these days.

George Zaduban and the Edelweiss Choir Toronto  (25 Years Hansa Choir)George Zaduban conducted his first choir, the Edelweiss Choir Toronto, that night. The 3-piece program ended with a fine jodler to much applause.


The Teutonia Choir Stratford  (25 Years Hansa Choir)Teutonia Choir Stratford, under the baton of Marianne Kelly, Shirley Whittaker piano, sang some very demanding selections, including die Nachtigal with words by Goethe and "They call it Canada", which stirred some patriotic feelings for our new homeland.

The Loreley Singers Oshawa  (25 Years Hansa Choir)The Loreley Saenger from Oshawa, again under George Zaduban, finished the first half of the evening with more folksongs and Jean Sibelius’ "A song of Peace".

The Lyra Choir London  (25 Years Hansa Choir)Alwin H. Reimer conducted the large Lyra Chor from London, Ontario, with Frances Reimer on the piano. Here too a song about peace found its way into the repertoire and also a spiritual, "My lord, what a morning".

Harmonie Choir Toronto  (25 Years Hansa Choir)George Zaduban returned again, this time with the Harmonie Choir Toronto. Young love and the nightingale found expression here.


Brilliant performance by the Concordia Choirs  (25 Years Hansa Choir)Then we had opportunity to listen to the Concordia Choirs of Kitchener. Dr. Alfred Kunz led his singers through a substantial program, accompanied as usual by Krystyna Higgins.

Concordia Choir shines with young voices  (25 Years Hansa Choir)First the Male Choir performed, then the Mixed Choir and then both of them together. From Strauss to Arno Kempens Croatian folksongs, a cycle of 3 songs, and Dubinsky’s "We rise again" with the delightful presentation of three young female soloists plucked from the ranks of the choir, demonstrated what it takes to become a choir with professional standards.

All the choirs...  (25 Years Hansa Choir)Together all choirs with all conductors jubilated the end of the rich program, which served again to bind us together as a community, not just with the words, but with their melodies and intentions to make people glad.

...together with the audience  (25 Years Hansa Choir)What better way to celebrate and commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Hansa Chor. We add our congratulations with a fervent wish for longevity of this fine tradition.

Changing of the Guard

A young M.C. - Sarah Allmendinger  (Concordia Club Kitchener)Every year in March the Concordia Choir in Kitchener holds its Presidents Ball to introduce the new Board of Directors and thank all those helping hands and minds that make up a successful organisation such as the club. This year there were a couple of pleasant surprises for those not in the know: The M.C. was a very young Sarah Allmendinger, a member of the Concordia Narrenzunft, where she dances in the guard. The other surprise was the introduction of a new president.

But before all these things could be presented there first a reception hour with champagne cocktails and a great buffet with many delicacies, followed of course by a lovely dinner to take care of all the bodily needs. Only after the last bit of dessert had been polished off the plates and the coffee was served the official part of the program commenced with the introduction of the many dignitaries. There were 4 elected government officials, including Wayne Wettlaufer, the MPP who gave us German Pioneers Day; there were 3 regional and city officials, including Karl Zehr, Mayor of Kitchener; six presidents of German clubs/associations and six other German related heads of organisations, including Echo Germanica, and of course Miss Concordia Ulrike Schmidt and the very able manager of the club, Peter Pijet.

The swearing-in ceremony of the new Board  (Concordia Club Kitchener)

Parting words: encouragement! - Sarah Allmendinger, Werner Schlueter & Elisabeth Rowsell  (Concordia Club Kitchener)Furthermore 9 past presidents were introduced, including outgoing President Elisabeth Rowsell, before we all were to meet the new President, Werner Schlueter, who gave a warm welcome to all. And while the choir was assembling in the hall the members of the board and the president lined up inside to be sworn in by Elisabeth Rowsell.

Gifts for the parting president  (Concordia Club Kitchener)Elisabeth was thanked much by her past crew and they gave her a little performance sketch to present her with certain mementos reminiscent of her reign.

Members of the mixed Concordia Choirs  (Concordia Club Kitchener)Members of the mixed Choir Concordia rallied together for some rousing songs under the ever-wonderful direction of Dr. Alfred Kunz.


A thank you for a parting board member  (Concordia Club Kitchener)Symbolic mementos  (Concordia Club Kitchener)After that gifts were presented together with heartfelt thank-yous to outgoing members of the board.

The evening would not be complete without some serious donations made to worthy causes. This year the Heart and Stroke Foundation received a cheque, as did the German Canadian Congress Ontario.

Finally Werner and Angela Schlueter opened the ball officially with the first dance. From then on in it was all fun and dance. Even the mayor was seen on the dance floor.

The club has a new board and surely will do as well as the previous one. Most of the members have been around for quite some time and are accustomed to doing all those things that make the club the success it is.

Until next time
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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