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May 2002 - Nr. 5


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40 years German Delicatessen
in Toronto

  Celebrating a 40th anniversary, the Lein Family held an open house on Sunday, 14th of April 2002. Three generations of Leins were on hand to greet the visitors, actually four generations, since Frank Lein’s wife Maria and young son Mathew (8 months old) made a guest appearance.

3 generations of Lein

It was the year 1962 when Helmut and Charlotte Lein arrived in Canada from Schwarzenberg, near Dresden (Saxony). Their first job was at "Bittner’s", a famous Meat & Delicatessen store, for about a year and the next step was the opening of their first store on Known throughout the region: Delicatessen LeinLakeshore Blvd. West - in the same plaza where they are presently located. When the furniture store in the plaza went out of business the Leins moved the store to the current location. They have been there ever since.

With the help of son Dietmar and his wife Gerda they managed to create a great reputation based on integrity and quality in the community. The third generation Lein, sons Frank and Ron, were born in 1968 and 1970 respectively. Both went to Germany for training and became masters at their chosen craft. Frank trained as a butcher and Ron became a "Chef". Frank married Maria in 1982 and their son Mathew was born almost eight months ago. That makes it four generations now. Charlotte – known as "Oma" to friends and customers – still helps out in the store, but Helmut (Opa) has retired.

Bratwurst, always a crowd pleaserLein’s is also famous for an outstanding catering business throughout Ontario. Some of the events catered annually have a very high profile such as the Horseshows in Palmgrave and Newmarket, Stritzl’s and Konzelmann’s Summer festivals, parties at Greenbelt Motors and many of the clubs in the area as well as private parties, weddings etc. The reputation of Lein’s Delicatessen is legendary in the region.

Since the 25th of April 2002 Lein’s also has a liquor licence for wine (Konzelmann’s of course) and beer. Beck’s and Warsteiner are available already. This should help to round out the delightful lunch and dinner selections available in the restaurant section of the recently re-furbished and modernized store.

The Hetzers came all the way from MiltonPeople came from as far away as Milton and further. They came in droves but didn’t stay too long since the temperature was only 9 degrees Celsius with a cool breeze. The tent was up outside the store and this helped in cutting the wind, Karl and a great selection of CDs provided the musical entertainment, the barbeque was in full swing with these specialty sausages – that conquered Ontario - being grilled to perfection and the guests – coupons in hand – did not wait too long to take advantage of this treat, which was also available with sauerkraut.

Rolf Haas with his granddaughterWhole families including children and grandchildren came out to celebrate.

Shopping was brisk; most of the guests took advantage of the opportunity of a Sunday opening and stocked up on missing food items in the well-assorted store.

Congratulations!Most of the visitors offered congratulations to the family and one visitor even brought a bouquet of flowers for Dietmar Lein. The success story of the Lein family goes to show that you can cram a lot of history and a lot of living into 40 years.

We also offer our congratulations to the family for a job well done, with our best wishes for the future. r.k.a.

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