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August 2002 - Nr. 8

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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

This summer is especially hot for more reasons than the weather patterns. The Papal visit heated up our imaginations and caused some unexpected effects in our lives.

Life is like my wild garden...Personally I do not like gardens that are too manicured. That is why mine is a little on the wild side. Yet I do have to cultivate it so the weeds don’t take over. Life is like that too. It should not be too regulated, but if there is no cultivation then anarchy could set in very quickly.

And where do we look for guidelines of the cultivation of life?

I think it is safe to say that religions, all of them, big or small, old or new, have to offer quite a bit in this department. The Papal visit demonstrated that too.

Upon studying the vast body of religious philosophies one thing becomes quickly and abundantly clear: there is something religions have in common, and that is the apparent fact that we are not the body, but that we have one, own one, live in or with it; and that we are not the mind, but have one, own one to store data and use this data to compare with other data and draw conclusions with it. And note that no one is speaking of a brain, only the mind. We are the owners of these two entities, we the spirit, the soul, the being itself.

If you recall, the media could not say enough about this fact that the Pope appeared to be a soul dragging a body around. He was totally in charge of this flesh that had failed him so often for so many years and surprised us by being cause over it. He walked for instance down the stairs of the plane, something he was said not to have done in several years. And he left us the same way.

His mind was sharp and agile and not at all like his body. He addressed all that is good in people and left the other stuff were it belonged.

For an entire week bad news had no place on the front-pages.

I read a letter of a reader to the Star that actually complained that the media was not creating more controversy surrounding this event. Supposedly this was the absence of accurate reporting.

The fact is that the reporting was very accurate. There was not any terrible thing to observe or report. Every possible controversy had its origin in another time and another place and was being dealt with separately.

There is indeed power in numbers. Several hundred thousand minds were set on one goal, one and the same quest. This created no need for bad news. This was a pilgrimage, not a political platform. The Pope and his disciples set a unique example of dedication to the betterment of all our futures. He reminded us that children are our future, that they deserve our help. He also reminded them that they are indeed the salt of the earth and the light… He did place responsibility on their and our shoulders to create a better future.

This is not done by giving into the demands for inflammatory stories. There is a time and place for everything and this was a time for harmony not strife.

The Pope tended his garden not to be tame, but cultivated with purpose so all living things can survive and enjoy life. This is indeed a worthwhile cause and therefore should be supported, not hindered in any way. Any activity that brings people closer to their idea of god is a worthwhile endeavour. It cultivates the garden of life.

We have a little cultivating to do ourselves. That is why I invite you to participate in the celebration of life. Come to the Canadian National Exhibition on August 24 to enjoy some of our heritage. In September we could be together on Lake Ontario for a unifying cruise.

If we do not cultivate our lives, our relationships, then in our garden of life the weeds will have it!

See you soon

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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