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Worauf habt Ihr Lust?


Correct me if Iím wrong but does there seem to be a feeling of backlash against the perpetual forward movement of intensity in the world? All the way down to our own lives. Unless itís just me, but Iíve been known to multi-task to the highest degree. And Iím doing it again here. As Iím typing away on my Mac (Iím only a PC user out of my house!), Iíve got the Internet radio playing. I donít think of it as oversaturation because I sometimes knowingly overload my senses, but sometimes I wonder if itís the best thing to do!

Is it a sign of the times that we have to adjust to email vs. hand written letters, cell phones vs. popping by someoneís house to visit and stay for a coffee and constantly being on the move? By looking around, one canít help but notice the quickness of life. Everything is instantaneous and we become accustomed to it. Itís not a bad thing; our nature has come a long way and will continue but there are certain times where, in my opinion, one should put these instant things aside. Why? Take some time to shut everything down and think about it. Better yet, donít think about it. Nothing at all, just breathe. I teach my students this all the time and have to remind myself of it in the moments where I am the most tested. Of course, everyone works in different ways but fundamentally there are certain things that are always similar. Why is it that Yoga for example has been thrust to the forefront? What does it come down to? Just breathe. Uh oh, that sounds like it could be a Nike ad for the new Millennium!

Worauf habt Ihr Lust? What motivates you? Donít worry, you wonít be quizzed on this and I wonít pester you for an answer. Is it your love of your job? Is it $ $ $? Are you passionate about something or someone but fear going after it/them for some reason? Thereís a reason why the "No Fear" company has got a good slogan going. Plunge right in, but remember something before diving off the 10m tower: Take the time to set up your dive, breathe, and go for it!

Bis nšchstes Mal, Elizabeth : )


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