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SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages launches appeal for children and families fleeing Iraq

Ottawa – SOS Children’s Villages today launched a public appeal for children fleeing Iraq. It will look after the children from its operational base in Jordan.

The appeal will cover the cost of providing children and women fleeing with children emergency accommodation, milk, food and blankets. Psychological support and educational activities for the children will also be available.

SOS Children’s Villages’ regional director, Mr. Lucien Roca, has been on the Jordanian-Iraqi border to determine how to proceed and to coordinate strategy with other charities and relief organizations.

Initial estimates are that SOS Children’s Villages will need between US$300 – US$500,000 to fully mobilize. Costs may rise depending on the length and severity of the war, and the numbers of refugees that flee to Jordan.

SOS Children’s Villages has long-term presence in Jordan, and can mobilize help for refugees from several of its facilities, which include three Children’s Villages (with homes, administrative offices and other buildings), two Youth Centres, and two kindergartens. It has had a continuous presence in Jordan since 1986, and operates under the patronage of Queen Noor of Jordan.

Emergency relief work is a logical extension of SOS Children’s Villages mission which is to provide life-time secure homes for orphaned, abandoned and destitute children who have been the innocent victims of family breakdowns, wars or natural disasters.

Donations for this Appeal can be made through SOS Children’s Villages Canada, and will be receipted for tax purposes. Gifts can be made right now on SOS Canada’s web site ( www.soschildrensvillages.ca ) or by phone: 1-800-767-5111.

For more information about the global work of SOS Children’s Villages, or about its response to this humanitarian crisis, please contact:

Boyd McBride
National Director
SOS Children’s Villages Canada
200 – 244 Rideau Street
Ottawa, ON  K1N 5Y3

Phone: 613–232–3309

Email: info@soschildrensvillages.ca


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