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Best Places to Work in Germany

   TWIG - Microsoft, the Seattle-based software colossus, is the best-liked employer in Germany, according to a survey conducted by the European Commission. In 2001, the EC authorized the Great Place to Work Europe Consortium to find the best employers in the EU - with the aim of increasing public and employers’ awareness of corporate social responsibility, in particular lifelong learning, gender equality and encouragement of diversity, as well as employee orientation.

Over the next two years, judges considered data gathered from surveys randomly conducted with employees at participating companies in 15 European countries. In Germany, all companies with more than 50 employees were invited to take part in the competition; ultimately 123 large and mid-sized firms participated.

Survey questions focused on trust in management, pride in job performance and enjoyment of collaboration with colleagues. Participants were also asked whether management communicates its expectations clearly, leads the company competently, demonstrates sincere interest in individual employees, offers means for career advancement, involves employees in decisions and treats them fairly.

The result was a ranking of the EU’s 100 best employers in 2003 as well as rankings of the best employers in individual EU member states. Fifteen German companies placed among the 100 best employers in the EU. Special awards were presented to companies in each country. In Germany, U.S. automaker Ford was singled out for its promotion of diversity, while pharmaceutical powerhouse Schering and insurance giant Allianz shared honors for their for promotion of gender equality.

Germany’s ten best employers - a remarkable seven of which are headquartered in Bavaria - are listed below, with business focus and headquarters location following the company rank and name:

  • Microsoft, software, Munich (Bavaria)

  • Aubi, ventilation technology, Wilnsdorf-Niederdielfen (North Rhine-Westphalia)

  • Skytec, information technology consulting, Munich (Bavaria)

  • SD&M AG, software, Munich (Bavaria)

  • Viking Direct, office products, Großostheim (Bavaria)

  • Bain & Company, management consulting, Munich (Bavaria)

  • Hexal, pharmaceuticals, Holzkirchen (Bavaria)

  • Procter & Gamble, consumer products, Schwalbach (Saarland)

  • 3Soft, software, Erlangen (Bavaria)

  • Sick, sensors and sensor systems, Waldkirch (Baden-Württemberg)


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