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Good Citizen Awards to Juniors

The Good Citizen AwardEvery year Tony Ruprecht, M.P.P. awards a couple of Good Citizen Awards to juniors. On a very cold January Saturday we met with Karl Samsa and his German mom at Stella Maris Catholic School, who received such recognition for the year 2002. We wanted to know how a nice boy with German background got this honour.

Karl Samsa (3rd from left) with classmates & teacherKarl was quite humble about the experience: "All you have to do is be nice to kids and help them when you can. That is what I am taught at school and at home."

No wonder, Karl’s dad is a teacher and mom also feels it is important to teach children good old-fashioned values. Drugs are a no-no and the kids have no problem with children of other colour either.

" We are all just kids," muses Karl, who likes going to the German Saturday School in the central Toronto area. (Christie and Dupont, 416-256-o219).

And what does he want to be when he grows up?

Something in sports, he just has not decided that yet! Good luck Karl! SFR.


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