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Dear Mothers


Rachel A.I. Seilern

This is the beautiful month of May when we celebrate not only the arrival of spring with its flowers and sunshine but also our mothers and the beauty of motherhood. I was blessed with a mother who did everything and more for us children. Her love and affection, together with her firm, guiding discipline rooted in me a respect and faithful, loving bond with her that even the teenage years couldn’t shake from me! She didn’t need a lot to be happy, but instead found joy and fulfillment in raising us and creating for the family a warm and happy home. My Mother’s sacrifices enabled her to give us her time, something that is becoming less of a priority in today’s society.

Many parents have become trapped in society’s awful lie. The new culture of selfishness and wastefulness bombards us through every type of media. We cannot help but be affected by the materialism and self-worship screaming out from our T.V. screens, glaring down from billboards and radiating quietly through the very air! The saddest part is that these toxins rob so many children of their beloved mothers by shipping them off to work where they are to make as much money as possible in order to buy an expensive house, expensive clothes and many more things the children don’t care about. I have heard so many mothers say they couldn’t afford to stay home---but this is all a matter of priorities. Had the child been consulted on the matter, he surely wouldn’t see the benefit of buying the house as opposed to renting, if it was to mean he’d see Mommy less than the under-paid daycare worker! He’d surely not think of a GAP as anything other than the space between his teeth! Today’s society fails to give the mother’s role of child-raising and domestic engineering that once defined the word "mother" the respect and credit it so deserves. The highly-honourable full-time job of nurturing one’s own offspring---the children so desired and dreamed of, those new green shoots that will form new branches of the family tree, children who are the future of our planet----this worth-while occupation deserves so much respect and credit but, instead, society degrades it as a lowly job for the uneducated.

I hope this Mother’s Day message will have inspired some mothers out there to re-evaluate the most important issues of their lives and perhaps give them courage to step into the unknown ----an unknown that will prove so worth the struggle in the end. I wish all you mothers and future mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!!

Rachel A.I. Seilern


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