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June 2003 - Nr. 6


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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer



The hosts & the guest artists at the Hansa Haus  (German Canadian Club Hansa)

This is the name of a German "ensemble" that was hosted by the Hansa Club and Danube Swabian Clubs, including a delicious dinner opportunity to round out the evening.

Great expectations  (German Canadian Club Hansa)Ekko (r.) and the artists  (German Canadian Club Hansa)





Performing at the Danube Swabian ClubThree artists – one of whom was born in the United States – provided the colourful entertainment in a musical journey through selections of songs from operettas and musicals.

Playing to the audience  (Danube Swabian Club)Long loved and never forgotten evergreens from the Merry Widow, Countess Maritza, the White Horse Inn and old UFA movies were performed as the type of entertainment remembered from the good old times before television. That is perhaps why the largely older audience applauded vigorously. They can still remember what it was like to get together with family and friends, getting out the instruments, singing and playing for and with each other, an art form, which has been perfected by our local "Forget-me-nots". Soprano Rotraud Denecke also played the violin, Matthias Bega offered baritone and tenor selections and pianist Thomas Volk doubled as master of ceremonies. The performance did not take place on the stage, making it difficult for people in the back of the hall to see the show. Also lacking were the promised colourful costumes and any noticeable choreography.

Full house at the Danube SwabiansThe ensemble is at home in the Saxony-Anhalt city of Zeitz and performs at major performing centres throughout Germany and abroad, and have been to Canada several times.


May Dance at the Danube Swabians

Heimatgruppe of the Danube Swabian Club Toronto

A mike for Brigitte Wecker  (Danube Swabian Club)It was a fundraiser hosted by the Heimatgruppe – which is the next step up from the youth group and mostly consists of young married couples that enjoy performing traditional and some very intricate dances for an appreciative audience. It is gratifying to observe the enthusiasm and expertise these young people demonstrate. One can tell that they are having fun, fun, and more fun.

The Mississauga Express  (Danube Swabian Club)Elsa & Willi Sertl  (Danube Swabian Club)





Joyous motion

Fanciful lifts

And up they go!

With skirts flying

Now, a hop and a jump

A sweeping story...

...with a glorious ending

Dance around the "Maibaum"


Fundraiser pastry  (Danube Swabian Club)To raise funds they sold all sorts of baked goods and pastries in the foyer of the club, and the table was always crowded. Many of the members of the Heimatgruppe are also members of the extensive "Forget-me-not" family – which is also closely related to many of the club’s activities. (You may recall their recent 10th anniversary party at the club).

• • •

After the successful showing at the recent Kinder Manöverball in Kitchener, the new KG Ascendia in Hamilton celebrated a 2nd Birthday at the "Zum Linzer" restaurant on Main Street. It was also the time to elect or re-elect the new board of directors and it was good to see that there were no great upheavals. The drivers are still in the driver’s seat to ensure further growth of this young and dynamic organization that furnished a seven member dance guard for the first time, at the above mentioned event.

They also gained another member that day – albeit only an honorary one – yours truly. It did come as a bit of a surprise and I might not have made it to Hamilton that afternoon, since this was a weekend where we put the paper to bed, except for Afred Halbig’s insistence that I attend this function. Oh well, since none of the other newspapers seem to give a hoot about our German "Karneval" – or what’s left of it – I won by default. Could also be because we – at Echo Germanica – always also support the younger crowd?

Speaking of carnival, we are looking forward to the annual "Husarenpicknick" on the 23rd of August – in a new location!

As always,

Dick Altermann


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