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September 2003 - Nr. 9


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Over hill, over dale

Grüezi from der Schweiz! Well, it’s been a while, now hasn’t it? I haven’t melted into the ground here in Zürich! You may have heard that the past few months in Europe have been horrendously hot! The norm in Switzerland was about 36-37C everyday! So, you’re thinking, what’s the problem, the sun is great and if you have enough, just go inside and let the A/C work its magic. I must interject here and mention that this country, as beautiful, forward and precise as it may be, has limited air conditioners!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was not used to having the A/C a lot of the time in Canada, but somehow, it was ok. It’s also not a problem here; all one has to do is jump in the Zürichsee, let the Limmat river take you upstream or have a gulp of water from any of the drinking fountains around the city. The water is so clean that one can freely swim in the lake, the river and drink the fountain water!

You might be wondering what I’m doing here. Well, the plain truth is that I’m working and living. I am the Head of Music at the Inter-Community School, Zürich, one of the International schools in Switzerland. The music program is co-ordinated by, well, me! But, also, it is a great opportunity to explore a new city, a new country and surrounding countries with all of the culture it has to offer. I will also be checking in with you via the new youth online forum that will begin via the Echo Germanica website, www.echoworld.com. I look forward to interesting banter between us.

So, arts-talk. Well, since my big move, I must say that there hasn’t been all that much time to check out the local scene, however, I will be going to the Hauptbahnhof tomorrow evening for a free concert that the Zürich Tonhalle Orchestra (equivalent to the TSO or OSM) will be putting on! I look forward to give you an update! About 1 month ago, there was the infamous Zürich Street Parade. You can check the website: www.streeparade.com. Basically, the Swiss version of the Berlin Love Parade.

You know I didn’t stay home for that one, even in the scorching heat! It was great to see all the flashy costumes and excited people in the streets, some having travelled from afar to join in the fun! I must admit that the musician in me wanted to check out some of the DJs that were spinning. Imagine Techno and House music blaring in the streets as well as the main train station! It certainly was a sight!

Well, my friends, I will bid you ade as they say and look forward to your responses and thoughts in the forum!




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