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September 2003 - Nr. 9


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  I hope this letter reaches you in good health, physically as well as mentally.

For myself I can only say: ENOUGH! Enough of the bad press about the Canadian health hazards. I had a firsthand demonstration how the press can create panic among even the coolest heads.

Remember my cousin and your nephew Michael in Stuttgart?

Well, on my trip to Germany this summer he refused to see me, forget staying with him, because he was afraid to get SARS!

And he was not alone. Every time I mentioned that I was from Toronto people moved away from me and suddenly had to go somewhere.

It is too bad that you have no computer access or else you could have followed the totally insane interpretations of what was going on in Toronto.

The World Health Federation certainly did not help!

I have to ask myself if this was designed as a dress rehearsal for whatever else they want to unleash on us for which an emergency blueprint is needed. Now they have one and can document it.

If you look at it you can see that in the medical research field all the solutions did not stay solutions, but became eventually new problems. Antibiotics are the best example. Each generation was stronger. They have been given so freely and now we have a problem with broken down immune systems; and the antibiotics have reached their last and strongest potency.

But what am I babbling on about my concerns! I have not been able to raise you on the telephone and do not even know if you are home or not. For that matter I do not know if we still have a summer home in BC?

Between your fires and our blackouts it is enough to support the space program on a grand scale to find another planet!

In Toronto we are having the International Film Festival coming up. That always adds excitement to living here. And I hear that journalistic attendance is more than double of last year! I guess, maybe, the worldwide press knew all along that what they printed was largely hype and that is why they feel perfectly safe to come to Toronto.

I just wish that the rest of the world population were half as smart, or at least the family abroad.

Talk to you soon



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