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September 2003 - Nr. 9


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Musik – Musik – Musik

  25 years ago – on the 3rd of September 1978 – this German-speaking Radio Show was born at CKPC FM 92.1 in Brantford. Previous tries at McMaster University in Hamilton didn’t work out since the station, with only 50-Watt output, was too small to reach far enough. The search for a stronger station was started and it was found in Brantford. Since then Ingrid and Gerd Brachlow have brought relaxation and enjoyment to their listeners for many hours. They have also been involved in a great deal of community work and brought a number of German entertainers to Canada, during that time.

The Continental Austrian Club in BurlingtonThe official anniversary celebration took place at the Continental Austrian Club in Burlington – where Gerd is also the club’s president – and to coincide with the visit of Patrizius to Canada. Needless to mention that it was a sold-out affair. After all, it was Patrizius they wanted to see and hear.

A full hall for 25 years of Musik, Musik, MusikEvery visitor – as party favours - also received a small sample of "Frei Öl" cosmetics and a souvenir mug from Ingrid and Gerds "Musik-Musik-Musik" radio program.


Gerd Brachlow greets the guestsAfter a welcoming address by Gerd, he explained what he meant when he had earlier said that he was present at Patrizius’ birth.

Apparently 25 years ago – at the small University radio station in Hamilton, Patrick Nilsen of the "Nilsen Brothers - came to visit and mentioned that he would like another pseudonym for himself. Gerd thought of "Patrizius" and Patrick gladly accepted. That was the birth of Patrizius and Gerd and Ingrid were there! Mystery solved! He came as ‘Patrick Nilsen’ and left as ‘Patrizius’! But he still uses - and listens to - his given name – Walter Leykauf – to write his lyrics and conduct business.

Patrizius congratulates Ingrid & Gerd Brachlow

Always entertaining - PatriziusAfter a few dance tunes by the Mississauga Express – to give people a chance to stretch their legs – the artist himself performed. The experience was totally different from what I wrote about the Stritzl Farm in my other report. This time it was an enclosed hall with about 250 people in the audience. After only a few songs the audience caught fire and became one with the artist. The vibes were terrific and as he continued – sprinkling his performances with bits of humour and nostalgia – the audience was enthralled Patrizius, the showmanand clapped and sang with the artist. It was a tremendous experience that many much younger performers are not able to emulate. His performance was even better than his legendary reputation, and the more the audience gave to him, the more he gave back. Awesome!

...not ElvisIt was close to midnight when Patrizius – after many encores – ended the show.

Of course there was a short break in the middle of the event to give the guests a chance to replenish drinks or order deserts. Line-ups were long, but no one complained, everyone cooperated and helped each other.

This was an event where people really got a lot of "Musik-Musik-Musik – and loved it!

Our sincerest congratulations and best wishes for the next 25 years to Ingrid and Gerd Brachlow!

Dick Altermann and the rest of our team.


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