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December 2003 - Nr. 12


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St. Martin in Canada

  Halloween mixed into St. MartinHe arrived a few years ago with the advent of a full-time German school and this year was honoured and remembered again in Toronto’s Kew Beach.

It's coldMany parents and children met on an icy cold November evening in the pavilion, where they first rehearsed some of the songs for this occasion. We heard many new ones by popular German children’s artists, but also the old ones were still in vogue: "Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne…" And that is what many of the self-made lanterns looked like, which were cleverly created with the help of balloons!

Big and little
suns & stars

In a long procession everyone marched through the park, bringing light into the dark recesses of the beach area, where the wind was forcing everyone to walk swiftly. Delicious "belegte Brötchen" and cookies and other goodies were the reward.

All the many hand-made lanternsIt would be wonderful if this event could take on the larger dimensions it had in the beginning 2 years. First this gathering was held at the Consulate General of Germany, then in the yard of a big school. Without a sponsor like that the event has to run through the city bureaucracy, which makes it difficult and expensive.

Can anyone think of a venue in the city? Let us know!

This charming custom, which remembers the good deeds of a Roman soldier turned Christian clergy and famous for his charitable actions has lost nothing of its relevance, especially in this big city with so many homeless. SFR


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