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December 2003 - Nr. 13


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  Don’t worry; I am coming home for Christmas, as promised! Who can resist your fabulous goose dinner with all the trimmings?! Certainly not I.

I have a little confession to make: This year I had a real hard time finding something special to give to you. May be I left it too late, or I did not listen enough throughout the year, but it was hard, and I am still not certain if what I decided on is the right thing to surprise you with and show my gratitude for all the things you have given me.

I always think I should give you the moon, or at least that part that Dad did not give you, but honestly, that is a tall order.

I know, I know, you did not ask for the moon, ever. I also know that you have everything you need. So what do you give to a woman who has everything and does not want anything?

While I was walking through the streets of a German city I suddenly remembered that you had said once that it does not matter how much a present costs, but it does matters how much thought is spend on choosing it.

There was a Christkindl Market in the centre of the town and I walked from stall to stall, decorated so prettily, and looked for that something special that would move your heart and mine. There was so much pretty nick knack and some of it had real symbolic value. I hope I chose the right piece.

I also found something I am sure you have not had in a long time, but told me about many times as a favourite memory. Hint, hint: there are certain nuts involved…

I better not say any more than that, or else the surprise is gone!

Any way, I’ll be home for Christmas. Why don’t you drag that old bear of mine out of the closet and sit him somewhere in the corner. It has been a tough year and I would love to feel just like a kid again, even if just for a day or two.

Christmas is for children, isn’t it? And I think I can still count myself as one of yours, right?

Until I see you, very soon, again,

Your loving son



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