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January, 2004 - Nr. 1


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Vienna Connection


Caroline Kuehn

Happy New Year, and Guten Rutsch to all! That’s a little expression I learned while being here. The first time I heard it, I had no clue whatsoever what it meant, and wondered why everyone was wishing me this Rutsch business. So I smartened up and asked, and no, a Rutsch isn’t some sort of strange disease (thank goodness, cause nobody really wants anyone to go around wishing other people diseases!) and you don’t have to go around saying Gesundheit to the people who say Rutsch to you, even though the first time you hear it kind of does sound like a bit of a sneeze. They were all just wishing me a nice transition into the New Year, and so I’m doing the same to you.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was good. Mine was great. In case you didn’t read the last article I wrote (what’s wrong with you? Get a copy of the last paper and start reading up! Or better yet, get yourself on the web and hit up www.echoworld.com …all the back issues are there, and you can even try testing out your German because not all the articles are in English you know!) I went home to Toronto for Christmas. I’m really glad I did, although right before coming back I was starting to think that it could be neat to spend Christmas overseas…maybe it was the frequent trips to the Christkindlmarkts where there’s lots and lots of pastries, Christmas cookies, amazing meats and cheeses straight from the Bauernhof (farm) and of course, who could forget the Glühwein and Punsch that they have there…the perfect solution to a freezing cold day…or a long Strukturanalyze class (!). But regardless, as yummy as all that is, I think I would have missed seeing my family and friends over the holidays. It would have become especially sad because I know that almost everyone I’ve met in Vienna would be going back home, or going away. I know a few true blue Viennese people, but even they were going out of town! Besides all that, there really is no place like home! (now where in the world did I put those ruby slippers…).

So, the theory was to go home and get a bit of a break from the whirlwind frenzy life had been like before leaving, but that was so not to be! Of course, there are things to do, people to see, and bargains to shop for (visiting my sister in Switzerland at the moment before going back to Vienna, I can truly appreciate the phenomenon of the Boxing Day sale! I only wish I had brought an extra suitcase so that I could have bought more stuff back home and could actually carry it with me! Things here are so expensive!). I had almost no time to sit and put my legs up, but had lots of time to appreciate Toronto for being the great city it is! I tell you, I miss Chinatown (if you’ve never had Chinese pastries, please go NOW! They are super cheap and taste great…highly recommend the coconut bun, and if you’re a fan of curry, beef curry buns are to die for!) and I miss the friendly people. It’s really amazing that you can just have a conversation with people you’ve never formally met before and it’s completely normal! And Tim Horton’s…oh good old Tim’s, how I miss thee! I guess there are just some tastes from your childhood that will never leave your system!

So please, go out and explore parts of Toronto you’ve never seen before, or go rediscover parts of the city you have, and see them in a new light! Go and do this for me, because I can’t, and if you even feel like it, tell me about it, and let me live vicariously through you! Yes, that’s right, you too can write something. We want you to get involved so don’t be shy about it. If you feel like kvetching about something, go right ahead. Sybille will love you! (She’s the editor, by the way, and a cool person. NO I’m not just trying to win browny points, I think she’s great). So get involved. Everyone wants to find their own voice, and here you go, you’ve got your own opportunity! So, here’s a New Year’s resolution I can suggest for you all (the same ones you all repeat every year of excercising more, or stopping to smoke, or losing those extra 5, 10, 15…20 (!) pounds that have been bothering you, well, aren’t those resolutions getting a little bit tired??? Why don’t you write something and say what’s on your mind! Be creative. Be provocative. Be you, but in writing! How’s that for an awesome New Year’s resolution? I’ll definitely keep doing the same, but since I’ve already been doing that, I can stick to the old tired resolutions of exercising more, and losing those (tee hee) pesky 5 pounds that have been nagging me!

May this year be a great one! Best of luck in 2004!!!!!

Caroline Kuehn.


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