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January, 2004 - Nr. 1


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Zurich Connection


Elisabeth Kuehn

New Yearís observations

Itís time to indulge in a little bit of a view into life in ZŁrich once again. Itís almost back to the grind in just a few days. It just seems like I was just here, but then again, not. As with my sister Caroline, I also spent the last part of Advent as well as Christmas in Toronto; da Tdot. Again, the business of being a musician came a-calling in full force with many rehearsals and music to be performed during this time. I literally had to schedule in shopping time! How wrong is that?!?!? It was getting to the point where I would go to the mall (ah, mallsÖ so much an oddity in Europe, but, quite comforting!) and come back with absolutely nothing. No inspiration. Maybe just being spent after a big move and intense work combined with the intensity of a new-ish sounding language was enough to send me into overload. Anyway, rest was had; much rest for that matter, as well as many a visit that were of course quite the excitement. It doesnít quite seem like itís over since Caroline is visiting me for a few days before her return to Wien. It just seems like yesterday that the Second Cup and Sushi restaurants were making great business from me!

However, back we are in der Schweiz. The New Yearís sky was filled with fireworks, both city-provided as well as random firecrackers provided by many locals eager to fill the skies with colourful light! If youíre worried about your own personal welfare, being so close to some of these fireworks might not be such a great idea. But, that aside, the feeling of the New Year being rung in was one of fun and excitement! Lake ZŁrich was a perfect venue for the conglomeration of people, joyfulness and excitement all around. Definitely not a disappointment; the night was just beginning.

An evening of fun and dancing followed while being surrounded by friends, locals, visitors and not to forget, the interesting characters. Characters that at first seem out of place until it is found out that they either think of themselves the life of the party by prolonging a sort of life or entertainment that to the outside observer be much past its due date. I donít think itís up to any of us to tell anyone what to do, but there comes a point where one can only wonder in amazing strangeness why it is that some people seek the same effect when it leads to no end that may seem productive for oneself. Just an observation. And then again, is this a view that would only go far in North America, or maybe itís only me? I could very well be the odd one out, and sometimes I am, but on this one, Iím not the only one who agrees.

This New Year, I hope to continue to learn as much as I possibly can in terms of many things that either interest me or some that donít. This leads me to wonder about how we learn and do things in our own lives. How do you learn? Which example seems to best represent you? The end result or the process? Maybe itís a little bit of both. What am I getting at? Well, when one makes a personal error in judgement, does one realize it immediately or does one linger on until either told about it or maybe itís not realized at all! I think Iíve come to realize many a process, good events and errors. Itís up to me to realize what the erorr is and how it can be avoided the next time around. Why? Because thatís how I learn and make life that much more interesting.

How to make life more interesting for ourselvesÖ difficult oneÖ or not! Not going along with ideas or processes youíre not comfortable with or maybe donít care about. It shouldnít be an idea of no care or close-mindedness, but if you get an awful feeling in your gut about it, chances are, itís not the thing for you. Do try to go out on a limb once in a while!

In the meantime, Iím back to the enjoyment and of life.

Ciao for now,



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