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January, 2004 - Nr. 1


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Dear Editor

  The news about the dismissal of Martin Fischer-Dieskau by the KW Symphony Board of Directors is beyond belief. I have virtually no idea where the Board except for 2 of its members has been during the period of Martin Fischer-Dieskau’s engagement. As a long-time public to the KW Symphony I have experienced the positive impact of Martin Fischer-Dieskau, his love for the symphony and the audience with every visit to the Symphony’s performance. Where were the other Board members while the audience enjoyed these performances?

What are the reasons for the dismissal? Because Martin Fischer-Dieskau was ready for the greatest promotional coupe d’etat by taking the KW Symphony to Berlin, Germany? What better compliment could be paid to the KW Symphony? Who could resist such a great opportunity to make the KW Symphony world famous? Who cannot see what a positive influence this move would have for the KW community and especially its symphony? 15 members of the Board, of course!

Who are these members? Their names? Their faces? And which face have they been slapping? We know they chose Martin Fischer-Dieskau’s face for public display, but who or what is their real target? Is this just a misdirection to hide their real target? Have they been slapping the audience’s face, the symphony’s? Definitely the sponsors’ faces!

The real question is: Why are they members of the Board in the first place? Have these 15 members just been pretending to help the KW Symphony all that time?

The only obvious victims of their decision are the KW Symphony and its audience! My face has been slapped well enough by these anonymous figures hiding as members of the Board! As a member of the audience I vote for their dismissal and may they never be allowed to do such harm again!

My only hope is that Martin Fischer-Dieskau will return to his post once this Board has been cleansed.

Peter Klein


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