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February, 2004 - Nr. 2


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Dick reports...


Dick Altermann at his computer

Crazy Ladies
and other stuff

Horst & Hilde Koch, Prince Richard & Princess Kerstin   [Photo: Bert Koch]

This is the first time in many years that I had to miss one of my favourite events in Kitchener: Crazy Ladies Night! But one of our ex-princesses (Helga Koch) kept me posted via e-mail on the happenings at this event that was themed "Circus" this year.

1. K.G. Narrenzunft Concordia

ANarrhalla Guard dance   [Photo: Bert Koch]pparently some of the groups were kept away by inclement weather, but those that made it were the Narrhalla ‘58 - who brought their Juniors and Kindergarde (and Pippi Langstrumpf) to entertain – Ontario Prinzengarde and Treuer Husar, Mississauga.

Circus dance - Narrenzunft   [Photo: Bert Koch]The Narrenzunft Concordia Senior Guard performed a "Zirkus Tanz", to match the theme of the evening, and to the delight of the audience.

Joe Lindlau did his best again to find the right music to go with what is happening at every moment. He and his helpers are good that way – of course he has had lots of experience in the carnival circuit.

Murray Taylor, Frank Wolf & Fred Kau's "Vagabond" song   [Photo: Bert Koch]Great costumes won prices: Best male costume "The inebriated Vagabond", Fred Kau.



Best costume, ladies - Hugh Turner & David Simon   [Photo: Bert Koch]Best female costumes: David Simon and Hugh Turner as "Cleaning Ladies". (I had to think of Carol Burnett when I read Helga’s report).

Helga & Albert Koch   [Photo: Bert Koch]Best couple: "Biedermeier" Bert & Helga Koch - and Annegret Kau won the door prize: Door prize winner Annegret Kau & Fred Kau   [Photo: Bert Koch]A weekend at the "Les Diplomats" Bed & Breakfast. Congratulations!


Of course you can always go to our website: www.echoworld.com for additional pictures that you can download if you find yourself there. Our thanks to Bert Koch, who provided the photos for this event.

Manfred & Karin Kruse

Ewald & Heidi Novack - the Natives are (not) restless

Uschi & Horst Possehl

Armin & Marianne Hellmann

Gundi & Jürgen Budczinski - hope she is not hungry

Kitchener's Royals



…and then there was the Hansa Haus,

Dr. Frank 'n Steinwhere the Treue Husaren, Mississauga hosted the annual costume ball last Saturday. It was a full house again and filled with wonderfully innovative and colourful costumes.

Great Costumes

It is always amazing how ingenious and inventive people can be when it comes to designing their costumes for this event. Some come as couples – with identical costumes – some are just designed for themselves, like a the Prussian Officer- Sasa Ulbricht, who had never been to a costume ball before and then won first prize as solo male costume. First prize for solo female went to Gerdrud as ‘Nofretete’.

Some, like the KG Hansa, had identical costumes for the whole club. (Thanks to Angelika Kaltz) You just knew that they belonged together.

Visiting Royalty at the stage

London's Royal Couple, Audrey & Frank





As usually there was plenty of "Royalty" present: Prince Richard & Princess Kerstin from the Narrenzunft Concordia, Kitchener; Prince Frank and Princess Audrey from London, both with "Hofstaat" ; Prince Timothy and Princess Karen from Downriver, Detroit are also loyal visitors to our Canadian functions and it was the first time that they attended in identical costumes, as bikers. Great! I always maintain that a carnival function is not complete without at least one ‘foolish royal’ visitor.

Marianne & Armin Hellmann with London's Renate KuhlmannOf course there were also a number of "Ex"-royals in attendance. Much too many to list here, but you will meet them all – and many more – at the "Prinzenball" on May the 14th 2004. Mark it in your calendar as a "Must attend" entry.

Treue Husaren Toronto - Jean & Steve Haas & Ruth WimmerSome of the other visiting carnival societies were the Treue Husaren, Toronto, Narrhalla ‘58, Hamilton, Ontario Prinzengarde, Narragonia, Brantford – it was great to see Karl Kurtz and Emmy again, after their automobile accident last year, and on their feet dancing a little.

The polonaiseWhat to do after emerging from the tunnel?





The next emerges......and it goes on and on





As you can well imagine, this made it a very colourful picture on the dance floor and the Mississauga Express did its level best to keep the dance floor filled. Someone started a "Polonaise" that evenShow dancers - Treue Husaren Mississauga encouraged some non-dancers to participate.

Jenny's soloSpeaking of dancing, the THM Guard entertained with two show dances and a very successful "Solo" by Jenny, all greatly appreciated and applauded by the grateful audience.

Treue Husaren Mississauga Juniors

Treue Husaren Seniors

Great performanceGreat ending





"Büttenrede" by Walter SchmitzWalter Schmitz also entertained with a "Büttenrede" – a traditional comedy routine from the stage (it used to be a "Bütt" or barrel in the old days) in "Kölsch" – the dialect spoken in Cologne, Germany. It was very good and quite funny. Unfortunately only about a handful in the audience understood him! Well, you can’t win them all! But Walter got the "Sausage Medal" anyway.

A "wurst" presented by Gerd Jüngel......as a medal for our "Büttenredner"





Wonderful food from the Hansa Kitchen was available to serve the revellers – Kasseler, Schnitzel, Sausages, Tartar and Cheesecake etc. – something for every palate. A well-stocked bar looked after the liquid requirements of the visitors as well.

The Winner Circle


The selection of "door-prizes" and the costume-prize judging concluded the official part of this very successful event. The judges had a hard time trying for the ‘best’ among the many great costumes (I even noticed one of the judges sweating!) and it took much circling around the dance floor before the final results were in. About a dozen of the costumes won prizes.

...and some of the winners

What is the logical conclusion? Well, carnival is not quite dead yet. I noticed some of the visitors were younger than most and Wilfried Kuesters, the president of the host society, works very hard to interest younger members to join the fun – with some success I might add. Some of the other clubs and societies also try very hard to interest younger generations to join. Maybe all is not lost yet, as some of the old-timers keep prophesying, it would be a shame to loose all this fun and all the old traditions to "progress"!

Alaaf, Helau and Ahoi, as always

Dick Altermann


Comments to: dick@echoworld.com

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