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February, 2004 - Nr. 2


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Zurich Connection


Elisabeth Kuehn


ma*nia (maíne*e, maníye) n. 1. An extraordinary interest, enthusiasm, absorption, craving, etc.

2. Psychiatry An exaggerated sense of well-being with excessive but disordered mental and physical activity. Ė Syn. See Frenzy.

[< L< Gk., madness < mainesthai to rage. Akin to MANTIC.]

Well my dear, I must say that youíve truly got me this time. What is this you mention? Iíve really no idea what is meant here and quite frankly, Iím going to need you to elaborate. Why is it that when we become enamoured with something, we become a fanatic? One who is well versed in something and spends most of their life doing it is, dare I say it, privy to geekiness! All in favour say: Aye! Aye! Can I be one?!!!

Disordered mental and physical activity. Is that not what we really want to achieve here? Think about it! Well, maybe thatís extreme. How about a heightened interest or enthusiasm for something? A craving, like junk food sometimes! Eep! Oh no, must watch the line. Hahaha! Right you are sitsa friend. Have what you want and when you want it. But, make sure your eyes and mind are open so not to put blame on what should not be blamed.

A little abstract? Great. Iím glad. Donít you know that geeks rule the world? I think most of us aspire to be one. Itís only the lucky and smart one ones who are. Think about it again. A geek in your domain is the best one can be in any one subject of expertise. Thatís how I see it anyway. You disagree? Well, who asked you? Oh, right. I did! Oops!

Donít know if I want to go on anymore if youíre going to treat me like that. Who needs you anyway? Donít you know that we can only rely on ourselves and no one else? Didnít your mother ever teach you that? Pessimistic? Maybe. But, thatís my problem then.

What? You want me to relax? Who you calliní hyper? Me? Never! I personally think youíre the one who should relax. Chill, shall we?! Sheesh; canít you take a joke? Freak! Maniac!

I love it! Say it again! I look forward to these compliments! And to hand them out makes it doubly fun and exciting! *Do you think I use too may exclamation marks?* Hang, on, just got an SMS.

K, getting back to youÖ keep talking, Iím listening. Say what? Didnít get it. Rewind and repeat please! Hey, I said I wanted to be the geek. You canít take it from me; thatís not fair!

Right. So, I think Iím off because this left minded freakish behaviour is weirdiní me right out. See yaz!

Hereís hoping that we all find our inner geek and fanaticism, but to a point of course.



PS. To be left up to your interpretation and yes, I am quite in sound mind and body.


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