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February, 2004 - Nr. 2


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  The comment I made at the end of my last letter to you invited a few unwanted responses.

Do you remember that I asked if there were any young women out there that can cook like you do?

Gee, did I ever get it! It appears that woman like to go out more these days than staying at home cooking for their guy. Good thing you let me look over your shoulder often enough. I have been known to cook up a mean stew, a perfect steak, a juicy Schnitzel and yummy pancakes, all those in several combinations. Add to that my love for eggs and all the things you can do with it and I should have it made. Maybe I can find a girl that knows how to choose the right wine, mix a good drink or serve a proper beer and we still would have a workable solution and don’t have to go out all the time. You just have to tell me a few more of your sauce tricks. That guarantees more variety.

For Valentine’s Day I have a candle light dinner planned. I have never tried your duck recipe. Thought I should give it a whirl. Do I remember correctly that you put sour cherries into the sauce? And don’t tell anyone, I am going to cheat on the desert: I am going to buy it! A genuine English trifle with all the trimmings!

And NO, mom, I am not going to tell you, who it is I am making dinner for. I am not ready for that.

I am real lucky that she does not object to me cooking for her, and that on Valentines Day. In Germany Valentine’s Day is not quite as popular yet as it is in North America.

I wonder what Elizabeth is doing in Zurich, and what about Caroline in Vienna? Got a Valentine, girls?

Remember, mom, no matter who I am going out with, let’em laugh, you are my first and forever favourite!

Ach ja, ist mein Paket angekommen? Ich war für Dich doch beim Winterschlußverkauf und habe sogar einige Schnäppchen gefunden, auch für Dich. Meine neue italienische Lederjacke für nur 97 Euro ist totschick. Gee, I forgot, I am writing in English.

So did you get the parcel with the goodies already? I hope everything is to your liking.

You know, this might have been the last time we had this special winter ending sale. The laws governing the sale conditions in Germany are going to be overhauled and it is very likely that from now on sales will be the determining factor on who makes more business throughout the year. This means totally different marketing methods for here, more like at home. I guess some people will have to learn how to compete and others will just disappear, unfortunately.

Anyway, mom, I’ll be home for Easter again. Don’t forget my favourite nougat egg!

Until then!

Your son Martin

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