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February, 2004 - Nr. 2


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Putting Ajax on the map!

  At least on the map that gourmands – or people that love good food – keep.

Sauter's InnIf you do not yet have one, better start and put award-winning SAUTER’S INN on top as your first entry. It is located in what is known as "The Courtyard Pickering Village", which resembles a quaint, picturesque piece of architecture reminiscent of fairy-tales, housing also a number of other interesting shopping opportunities in its gates.

It is almost impossible to miss as you drive along Kingston Road (Highway 2) and so attractive you cannot help but wanting to drive into its huge – free - parking lot, to investigate.

Mike Sauter opened his restaurant here in 1990 and successfully led it almost to this day. He is now semi-retired and his Chef Selvan - who has been with Mike for the last ten years - has taken over.

A cozy atmosphereOver the years, Sauter’s Inn has progressively earned an enviable reputation – not only for the charm of its wonderfully warm, clean, spacious and ‘homey’ interior – with lots of collectibles displayed - that reminds one of southern German Inns, and superb service - but also for the quality of the food offered within. One of the main reasons why people from all walks of life - and from all over Ontario – go out of their way to be pampered there. At very affordable prices, I might add. But you be the judge!

I am not going to list the international menu, the delicious appetizers, salads, soups or dinners, like the wonderfully tender, melt-in-your-mouth liver with ‘really’ hand-made "Spätzle – shaved off a board like back home, that I tried.

That would be too much and would take the mystery out of the visitors’ anticipation. But I can safely say that there will be something available for everybody, including game such as venison, wild boar or bison, pork hocks every weekend and a rich selection of delightfully decadent deserts.

These culinary delights, for even the most sophisticated palate, should not remain a carefully hoarded secret by a few cognoscenti - anymore.

All thanks to the knowledge and artistry of "Chef Selvan" and the culinary magic he performs in his expertly staffed and spotless kitchen.

A well-stocked bar featuring cocktails, wines, liquors and a variety of beers of your choice will complement your meal and further add to the delight of the "eating experience" at Sauter’s Inn, in Ajax, Ontario.

And please, pass the word to your friends and acquaintances. There is enough nourishing food and drink here for everybody!

If you want to visit the restaurant for Valentine’s Day (see advertisement) please call for reservations to avoid disappointment!

Grant yourself a memorable "Ausflug" (outing) soon; you will be glad you did! Unfortunately you may want to come back again and again. I know, I do!

If you are planning a party, for any occasion, please call them – there are free party-rooms available here for 40 to 70 people.



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