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February, 2004 - Nr. 2


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For the love of it

  Music is one of the subjects we indulge in, you guessed it, for the love of it. Those that teach, conduct, play are really no different than those that listen and enjoy music. The one group is actively passionate about it and studies and works hard and rehearses up to 6 hours a day to perfect an art and the craft; and the spectator works hard to be a willing effect of all that artistic effort, yet musically it is spectatorism and therefore is a passive way of participating in music.

Both sides need each other in order to exist. Thus all parties are of equal importance, because what would be the use of communicating the message if there is no one to listen to it.

George Zadubán   [photo by his family]And then there are those occasions when all parties come together, as is the way of funerals. When George Zadubán had his memorial service in St. Elizabeth Church, Toronto, music lovers of sorts turned out to A full house at St. Elizabeth for George Zadubánremember the man, the musician, the teacher, conductor, the father and husband and grandpa, and the friend, the friend who brought music to everything he did.

The German choirs with Alfred Kunz as conductor

One last songMembers of the choirs he conducted sang him a last farewell, all five of them, three German singing choirs, conducted that day by Dr. Alfred Kunz, who came especially from Kitchener-Waterloo to honour a colleague, and two Hungarian ones. And that is also how the service was held, in Hungarian. It was good that music has its own understanding, no matter what Strong church presencethe language. It was the music that brought everyone in that large and crowded church together, whether they understood what was said or not. It was the music that had brought all of them together always, causing understanding and admiration between the participants.

A last good bye

What a fitting way to say good-bye to a man who spent his life teaching and performing/conducting music for the enjoyment of others; for the love of it.



The Forget-me-nots

The children we saw grow up as the Forget-me-nots are in fact all grown up; and even though they might not perform in the way we tend to remember them, we hope to still see them occasionally in our community, while they make their way in the big cultural landscape out there.

Natalia Zahorbinsky, Rachel Seilern, Olga Grebenchuck, Annie ScullySome of them studied hard to develop skills in the classical instrumental field and Rachel and Annie recently completed their grade 10 requirements for violin. This is most admirable since they only started to study this instrument a few years ago. Six hours of rehearsal every day in the month leading up to the examinations, and that on top of their regular duties, hardly left time for anything else. Just think what dedication it must take to stick to such a stiff program!

We congratulate you wholeheartedly and wish you well for the future! We know it is for the love of music that you undertook this strenuous endeavour.


Press presence

Creating a community paper is also a labour of love. Staying informed and being part of organizing bodies is part of it.

Premier McGuinty meets the ethnic pressThus we met together with the National Ethnic Press Council with the new Ontario Premier Mr. Dalton McGuinty, who has always read the ethnic press pretty well and made good use of it. In the ranks of the ethnic press are many bodies that carefully watch for any violations of betrayal after trust. The fall-out could have grave consequences for a government that was elected on the backs of this press body. At the "round" tableFor the love of your future take the opportunity and get involved, speak out for your province and concerns. The government is listening in various convened forums.



For the love of it I visit as many venues as possible and support as many as possible. Next up is Opera York’s Barber of Seville with Artistic Director Mark DuBois, Andrew Twees, Corinne Lynch and Eric Shaw. The Opera Company has a lot of volunteers and serves a huge area north of Toronto. Especially the work done for seniors and students is noteworthy. Make your reservations for the Barber at Markham Theatre on the 6th of February at 905-763-7853.

More opera

If you love opera and Mozart then The Magic Flute is for you, produced by the Royal Opera Canada February 21-28 at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga and between March 4-13 in the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Call 905-306-6000 and 416-322-0456 respectively.

Via Salzburg

This wonderful small ensemble is back with a Valentines offering, " Some enchanted Evening", February 20, 8 pm, Glenn Gould Theatre.

Mayumi SeilerAfter the last concert which we experienced we can hardly wait to go back and hear more of Mayumi and her merry band of 15 musicians. The energy is always high and the Artistic Director Mayumi Seiler endeavours to bring something new and unique to every concert. This time we will experience Dvorak and Tchaikovsky and Canadian composer Imant Raminsh with a work commissioned by Ms. Seiler.

See you there and everywhere…for the love of it!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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