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March, 2004 - Nr. 3


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Dick reports...


Dick Altermann at his computer

Kappenfest at the
Hansa Haus

 The questions I got from the uninitiated were: What is a "Kappenfest"? Does it have anything to do with Karneval and Kappensitzung etc.?

No! It was just an idea the club had for a get-together with a dance band – among friends – to while away at least one of these dreary, cold and unpleasant winter evenings. To give it a name and to make it more interesting it was called "Kappenfest".

"Kappen" of all sorts

Reiner WalterThe idea was for people to come and wear something fancy – or crazy - on their head. "Kappe" is actually a hat of sorts and with a little ingenuity anything you can wear on your hat can be made Vlastato look crazy or fanciful. Proof of the pudding were the two winners, in the "most ridiculous category" who had chickens and roosters ‘nesting’ on their hats. Of course there were many others, Karin & Volkerjust as innovative and funny. Another other winner was a lady that had decorated her hat with grapes, in the "most creative category"; and another one, in the "most elegant category" had a colourful checkerboard on her hat.

The winner circle

Judges & Winners

The winners

The judges





I am sure that there would be more winners if more prizes had been available. One of the ladies, working in the kitchen, had candles all over her hat, for example.

The Oberkreiner bandThis time the hall was not sold out, but it was very comfortable and "gemütlich" since most of the participants were club members and knew each other well and were able to carry on many conversations – when they were not dancing to the rich palette of familiar selections by the "Oberkrainer" band.

I think the idea for this type of event has merit. It just takes people a while to get used to new ideas. The next time an event of this sort is staged, it could be even more successful. Let us hope the club doesn’t despair - because the hall wasn’t sold out this time - and discontinues hosting similar events. It is a chance to get together informally and just have fun!


Hansa Haus Carnival

The 1. K.G. Hansa Brampton in their new costumesOne of the last "Hurrahs" of this season went off without a hitch – well, almost. The members of the club were all there – in Angelica’s splendid and colourful new outfits – the Harmonie Brass Show Band provided a rich palette of familiar dance music.

Service with a smileThe Hansa Kitchen provided the sustenance for the inner man (or woman) and even Her Worship Hazel McCallion, Mississauga’s intrepid mayor, paid a short visit – Reiner Walter with surprise visitor Mayor Hazel McCallionone of five events she had to attend on that particular evening.

But where were the ‘representatives’ of the other carnival societies? Where were Mississauga’s Treue Husaren; where were members of the Narrhalla ‘58 or the Ascendia group from Hamilton; where was representation from Kitchener or any of the reigning royalty etc.? Not one of those die-hard carnivalists had shown up! Despite the fact that the 1.KG Hansa tried to attend all the functions of the other societies to the best of their abilities. Even if they had other priorities they should have at least sent a couple of members to this event! Very disappointing – but it had to be said!

The costumes


Yes, I am aware of the fact that a great number of carnivalists were in Las Vegas for the GA Mardi Gras Association’s Gala and in Detroit for the "First 11 Years" celebrations, since Tim Willard, Downriver Detroit’s president, is such a loyal and frequent visitor to Toronto. Some have also been to Germany’s carnival this year.(But not all of them have been away!)

The winner circle


The Fleischmann'sNevertheless it turned out to be a fun-event after all, and when the Hubertus Hunters had joined the melee after their dinner in the Hansa Stube, the joint was jumping and almost everyone joined in when the Hansa carnivalists started the traditional "Polonaise".

Drum roll for a polonaise

Unfortunately a number of tickets remained unclaimed at the door. The inclement weather – and the threat of more snow - that evening, may have had something to do with that.

5 winners

Some very nice and innovative costumes were in evidence and the best of them received the coveted "Prizes" for best costumes.

Always on service

So ends another season of foolish fun and frolic. The only other event is the traditional "Rosenmontag" (Rose Monday) celebrations – of which there are only a few scheduled here and there. About 80 people celebrated it in the "Hansa Stube" at the Hansa Haus with some help of members of the Euro Drive band for the musical part of the event. A number of the visitors came in costumes and Guy LaPlante won the ‘best male’ prize. A "Honeybee" costume won the ‘best female’ prize.

Nothing spectacular for Rose Monday has been planned in the GTA – not even at the Donauschwaben Club, this year.

This only leaves "Ash Wednesday" and the Herring Dinners that were scheduled in some venues, plus the washing out of the purses in the town fountain – as it is the custom in Germany. (If you have a fountain!) A last Alaaf, Helau and Ahoi in this season!

One item I should mention already - so that you can all make your arrangements – and that is the BDKK 1st International "Prinzenball" on the 15th of May, at the Holiday Inn in Burlington. Reigning current and past "Royals" from all over the world will be there! It is going to be one of the greatest formal carnival affairs ever staged recently! Entertainment will be from Germany and Canada. My last Alaaf, Helau and Ahoi in this season!


What happened at the Donauschwaben?

Well, my usually reliable source informs me, that the Schlachtfest was a successful event again this year. The hall was well filled with hungry visitors and the "Donauschwäbische Blaskapelle" did its best to help the revellers to get rid of at least some of the imbibed calories, served on the fabulous "Schlachtplatte".

The "Valentine’s Dance" enjoyed a full house again with even the Mezzanine upstairs filled to capacity and the restaurant part of the hall accessible. This was also the last opportunity to hear the wonderful dance music of the Henry Vogel Trio, since Henry plans to retire at the end of March. His last "Hurra" will be at the Concordia Club in Kitchener on the 28th of March, in the great hall. Sorry to see you go, Henry!

The next big event at the club will be the "Evening in Budapest" on Wednesday, March 3rd, with popular artists from Budapest, Hungary. It will be a two-hour program with selections from Gräfin Maritza, Csardasprinzessin, Merry Widow and more. Piroska Pandi will be singing and making her Canadian debut at the club. Reservations are recommended! It promises to be a sell-out again, judging by the tickets already sold.

On Friday the 5th of March – only two days later – the magnificent and elegant "Prinzessinball" will be staged. It is hosted by the club’s Youth Group. This annual event has always been a favourite of the club members in the past, and should be an unmitigated success again this year. Who will be the new "Princess" – the "Miss Donauschwaben" this year? Well, come to the club to support your youth group and find out! The proceeds from this event will go to travel expenses of the group to go to Los Angeles in 2005.

The "Golden Keys", from Kitchener, will make sure that you can dance the evening away after the inauguration of the new princess.

Two days later, in the afternoon of Sunday the 7th of March, the club – with DJ Mike Nemeth - will host the annual "Kindermaskenball". This is an event the children are waiting for from one year to the next (I have been told by some of them last year, and what costumes they want to wear this year).

But you will be able to read all about these events in our next issue anyway. By attending these functions you support the club, and you don’t have to be a "Donauschwabe" to do that!


Hamilton Events

(pictures emailed to us by David Simon, article by Heidi)

Hamilton had some great events last month: This is what Heidi wrote about the club’s "Eine Nacht in Rio"

We had a great time, music was by the Peter Baumann Trio, the dance floor was always full, and everyone enjoyed the food. Few people came out in costume, seems they dress in Rio just like they dress in Hamilton, admittedly it was a little cold for bikinis....

GKG Narrhalla - Valentine’s Dance

This year’s annual Maskenball with the Valentine’s theme, was a nice evening. The Euro Connection kept the dance floor busy playing old favorites and music for the younger crowd. Hamilton City’s Prince Martin I and Princess Marta I - with escort Dorothy, along with Kitchener’s Prince Richard II and Princess Kirsten, and Hofmarschall Andrew enjoyed the first half of the Valentine’s Maskenball with the Narrhalla and then made their way to Brantford and the Maskenball of the KG Narragonia. The Narrhalla Kinder, Junior and senior guards performed and were well received, judging by the applause of the audience.

Irmgard & Horst

David & Horst

Rosie's Valentine

The princess & Albert Kergl

Kitchener's royal couple



As many children as many costumesKindermaskenball in Hamilton was a great success; 57 children came and had fun. Richard Kramolowsky was our youth DJ and did a great job of keeping the children entertained. Uncle Albert (Kergl) was the MC and had the children screaming for joy at the top of their lungs in no time.

Dancing royalties

Eating chilly - Albert Kergl, David Simon, Hugh Turner

The Prince and the Princess

The retired guard


The 21-member Narrhalla guard performed some wonderful dances for the children. Retired guard members were sought out of the crowd and given a retired Narrhalla Guard Pin. These retirees have been contracted to perform at the Narrhalla’s 50th in a few years. Even the Narrhalla’s first Funki (1957) Ute Perl was on hand and promised to dance. Ute is the Germania Club’s Vice-President. The Kindermaskenball was the best that I can remember.

Ash Wednesday

Sadly every good thing must come to an end, and Karneval (or Carnival & Mardi Gras) is no different. A Narrhalla tradition is to have an ‘Aschermittwoch Herring Essen’. It is also the time to bury Prince Karneval, to shed a few tears, fondly reminis about the year past, and eat a herring or two. This year Hamilton City’s Prince Martin I was carried in on a stretcher, and pronounced (sort of) dead by the Very (ir)Rev. Albert Kergl. "O’Herring, O’Herring, Rhababer, Rhababer, Rhababer!"

Ash Wednesday gathering at the Germania Club

Herring smells

It still smells

In comes Martin

Pronounced dead

Reverend Kergl

One more duty for the reverend


The group of 30 Narrhalla members and guests, like Silver Linder from the 1.KG Ontario Prinzengarde, Linda Wanner - Ladies auxiliary President, Rosi Kramolowsky - Fischer & Jäger President, and Germania Club President Heidi Frank, enjoyed the evening in the Rathskeller. It was a fitting end to what was a season of fun and camaraderie for the Narrhalla ‘58 and their friends.

Thanks Hamilton for your wonderful report and photos!

I remain, with another Helau, Alaaf and Ahoi,

as always,

Dick Altermann


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