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March, 2004 - Nr. 3


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"Inquiry Into Sponsorship Program Should Not Hurt Communities" says head of Canadian Ethnocultural Council

   Ottawa. March 4, 2004 Mr. Art Hagopian President of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council stated that the findings contained in the report of the Auditor General of Canada on the Public Works and Government Services’ Sponsorship Program are of concern to many groups across the country. "Canadians need to know what happened to the funds in the sponsorship program" He indicated that many organizations use festivals as a means of bringing their communities together and to celebrate participation in Canadian society while remembering their cultural roots.

"The scandal should not jeopardize support to volunteers, the charitable and non-profit sectors that over the past decade have borne the brunt of cuts in government funding in the name of fiscal restraint, especially organizations working in the multicultural sector. Without support for these organizations the quality of citizenship of which we are so proud as a country can wither and weaken us all in an increasingly multicultural society. All those working to better the lives of everyday Canadians should not be the victims nor should those individuals who come forward to provide information or evidence be penalized" said Mr. Hagopian.

"The Prime Minister’s decisive actions that include protection of whistle blowers can move us from atmosphere of inquisition to an atmosphere of vision and move ahead with the business of running the country. The process of inquiry must be allowed to take its course in an expeditious and transparent manner. At the same time programs must be put in place that support the strengthening of our multicultural society through participation in public events, " explained Mr. Hagopian. "Government must rise to the challenge it has set for itself and be judged on that performance" concluded Mr. Hagopian. He noted that how Canada deals with the situation can once again make us a model of governance and leadership in the eyes of the international community.

For more information contact tel. (613) 230 - 3867, fax (613) 230-8051. cec@web.ca

The Canadian Ethnocultural Council is a coalition of over 30 national ethnocultural organizations, which in turn represent over 2,000 local chapters across Canada. Its mandate is to work towards the elimination of racism and to promote the understanding of the multicultural reality of Canada as defined in The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and The Canadian Multiculturalism Act.


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