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Art At Midnight and The Rhine In Flames

More Than Much Music In Germany In 2004

 Toronto – While in 2004 Germany celebrates her musical heritage with more than 400 special festivals spanning sounds from classics to kletzmer, jazz, pop and techno, other events whose themes unite German cities and regions are also taking shape this year.

Take the ‘Long Night of Museums,’ for example, Saturday nights when museums and galleries in many German cities open their doors to fun- and art-loving nighthawks from early evening to the small hours of the morning. In the capital, Berlin, approximately 100 museums enrich their visual displays with special musical and theatre performances for the night, many adding culinary surprises to the mix. Free shuttle buses make museum hopping especially easy.

‘Long Nights of Museums’ have become popular with locals and visitors not only in Berlin, but also in other German cities, including

  • Stuttgart: 20 March 2004

  • Frankfurt : 24 April 2004

  • Düsseldorf: 8 May 2004

  • Berlin: 28 August 2004

  • Munich: 16 October 2004

  • Cologne: 6 November 2004

Also on Saturdays, starting in May, fireworks and dramatic light shows, called ‘Rhine in Flames,’ illuminate different segments of the Rhine gorge. Special night cruises, many offering dinner and music along with a fine selection of Rieslings, sail past medieval fortresses and castles, making for a spectacular night’s entertainment.

Gorge Segments and Dates for ‘Rhine in Flames’:

  • Linz to Bonn: 11 May 2004

  • Rüdesheim to Bingen: 3 July 2004

  • Spay to Coblence: 14 August 2004

  • Oberwesel: 11 September 2004

  • St. Goar/St. Goarshausen: 18 September 2004

For more information on these events and other information on Germany, please contact the German National Tourist Office’s toll-free number, 1-877-315-6237, send an e-mail to gntonyc@d-z-t.com, or visit GNTO’s Web site www.cometogermany.com.


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