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March, 2004 - Nr. 3


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K-W Happenings

by Herwig Wandschneider


K-W Symphony

Herwig Wandschneider By the time this appears in print, nominations will have closed and Symphony members are heading for election of a new Board of Directors at Bingeman’s on March 15th at 7 pm.

The media, and specifically The Record, have provided a forum for discussion on a nearly daily basis, either in the form of frontpage headlines, articles in the Local section, or by printing all views in the "Letters", or various "Opinion" sections. Views from all sides have been heard, except perhaps from the so-called "silent majority". The final and most critical opportunity for expression of an opinion – namely to select a new Board - is around the corner, but you do have to be a qualifying member – i.e. you must have been a KWS supporter in the past or be a volunteer. Nothing wrong with becoming a volunteer now, if you want to vote. This is one of those instances to be motivated enough to overcome inertia and put your oars in the water, now and in the future, to support whichever cause you wish to represent.


Karneval time is an opportunity to let go of all anxieties, and instead focus on fun and excesses for one week. Call it Karneval, Fasching, Fastnacht, Fastelovend or Fasteleer, or even Mardis Gras (it is all Carnival), it is a time for several cultures to let go of the daily routine. Including the German culture – at least in some parts of the country.

This is what "schunkeln" means   [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]Learning a language also means learning and understanding the culture, and for that you need to live in that culture, or attend German School Concordia in K-W. Here you get first hand experience what Karneval is. You not only learn the words - Helau and Alaaf, Funken, Funkemariechen, Jeck, Elf, Büttenrede, Stippeföttchen, Schunkeln etc – you also get to do it. And you get to admire the costumes.

Princess Kerstin & Prince Richard with Principal Monika   [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]Prince Richard and Princess Kerstin participated in introducing Students of German to Karneval. As the Prince does, when he proclaims new Regional laws once Regional Council is relieved from its duties, he also declared new laws Prince & Princess look on as Monika Matthaes hands out medals to the dancers. Ursula Kampmann assists.   [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]for the school, one of which was, that there would be no "Hausaufgaben" for the next week. Amazing how well the students understood that word.

Kindergarde of the Narrenzunft Concordia   [photo: Ursula Kampmann]

The Kindergarde of the Narrenzunft Concordia put on a special Karneval performance and it is clear, that the students walked away knowing that the German language has words outside of the dictionary that are fun to learn and that Germans take every opportunity to celebrate traditional events developed over hundreds of years.


Schwaben Club’s 73rd Anniversary

The Canadian-Schwaben Sick Benefit Association of Kitchener was founded in 1931 and celebrated its 73rd Anniversary late February. The event was MC’d by Dieter Hanke and Music for the dance was provided by the Romeros.

Schwaben Dancers in their breath-taking performance   [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]Members and guests were treated to a meal country-style and entertained by the Schwaben- and the Donau Dancers. Performances were dynamic and breath taking – they chose mostly fast-moving and strenuous dances. Among them was Miss Schwaben (Katelyn Tschirhard), who has been an energetic and enthusiastic member of the Schwaben Dancers for three years now . She has also taken up the responsibility of being Costume Director for the Schwaben Dancers.

Katelyn will abdicate and a new Miss Schwaben chosen in March, likely also someone from the Schwaben Dancers.


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