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March, 2004 - Nr. 3


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KW and Beyond

  by Irena Syrokomla

 It is really amazing how much is going on in KW area: theatres, shows, concerts, events. If you are interested and willing to go – there is something to attend every week. There are two KW theatres, another one in Guelph. Centre in the Square is proposing all sorts of special productions: besides the symphony, and there are numerous universities-based performances and events. The Record as well as Waterloo Chronicle is reporting most of them well in advance. There is a lot of life in this area!

Girl in the Goldfish Bowl
at The Theatre & Company

The Theatre & Company has again produced a very interesting play. By the time you read this, Girl in the Goldfish Ball written by Morris Panych will be closed, but there will be other productions coming and, from my experience, each worth seeing, each professional, well-directed by Stuart Scadron-Wattles, well-staged and superbly acted.

In this case we were transported into the early 60,s era, complete with detailed stage décor by Dennis Horn, as usual with impeccable attention to details such as appropriate musical tunes, radio broadcasts, china on the table. The setting is the family home of a rather dysfunctional family, war veteran unemployed father involved in geometrical studies, love and attention starved mother and a 10-year old daughter engrossed in her belief that her pet fish is the centre of the universe holding it all together. The acting is superb, especially Andrea Tutt in the part of precocious 10-year old, commenting on all events around her, explaining in her pre-teen logic the laws of her family therefore a universe. Between such fine actress and the director the little girl world unfolds and the audience was engulfed in the times gone by and the world we recall from our youth (at least some of us recall!). It is a bittersweet comedy, thought provoking, nostalgic, amusing. Linda Bush in the role of the mother has presented another facet of her acting talent; the other supporting actors were also excellent.

The Theatre & Company is a professional theatre, their program of surprising quality, acting and directing worth praise. At the end of March till mid April an adult theme play How I Learned to Drive will be staged, and from mid-May till early June Strawberries in January. Some titles are known, some are new to me at least, but by now I have learned to trust the selection of The Theatre & Company. We have a reason to be proud of having such a professional and intelligent theatre in our midst.

A Phoenix too Frequent
produced by Touchmark Theatre
at the River Run Centre.

Douglas Beattie and his Touchmark Theatre is putting on only one performance a year. Judging by the quality of this one it is a pity that there is only one. I look forward to hearing plans for next year’s season.

Christopher Fry is best known for The Lady’s Not for Burning, A Phoenix too Frequent has not been as popular in staging. Phoenix was written in 1946 in style of an antique comedy with quite a bit of modern undertones.

The story is of a young widow awaiting her self-imposed death in the tomb of her recently deceased husband and a faithful maid intending to accompany her mistress to the underworld. The widow is determined to join her husband, the maid just came along. In the middle of the night a soldier who happened to be guarding some dead corpses in the neighbourhood visits them. In the course of the night the outlook on life changes and young widow and soldier fall in love. The maid is very happy at such turn of events, of course. When they discover in the morning that one of the bodies the soldier was supposed to guard went missing a quick decision is made: in order to protect the soldier the body of the deceased husband will be substituted. Life has to go on; new love emerges and conquers all.

Michael Spencer-Davis as Tegeus & Liza Balkan as Doto   [photo: Touchmark Theatre]The actors are professional, Lisa Balcan as a maid deserves special mention. The stage décor and costumes were simple and convincing, the background music added to the mood. Mr. Beattie is doing a fine job; maybe next year he could present his play in Kitchener as well as in Guelph.

It was good, it was refreshing and just right for the Valentine’s weekend. Thank you, Mr. Beattie, we will be watching for your next season.

ABBAMANIA at The Centre in the Square.

Beside of regular concerts by KW Symphony, The Centre in the Square is also the place of a variety of attractions such as Broadway Series with Saturday Night Fever last November and Cats coming in June 2004, Comedy Series, Great Canadian Play Series and some other suitable for younger audience.

In February the Rock Musical ABBAMANIA came for one night and the house was full of the generation raised on the big hits of early 70,s era. No, it was not the authentic ABBA, neither the authentic Neil Diamond, nor The Bee Gees, but the performers played the melodies and imitated the style, the dress and the mannerism of the famous artists, reflecting the atmosphere and the spirit of the times. Famous tunes such as Super-Trooper, Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Knowing Me, Knowing You and Jazz Singer brought wholehearted applause and smiles from the boomers generation. There were also younger people who were brought up by their mothers to the tunes of Fernando and September Morning. It was fun, the audience sang along and laughed.

On 19th of March Tom Jones will be visiting our town, another opportunity to remember the golden years of big hits. And in June the 1stCats. Centre in the Square phone number is 519-578-1570 or 1-800-265-8977. Enjoy it!


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