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March, 2004 - Nr. 3


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Painting and/or Drawing Holiday Course at the ancient monastery La Cartuja near Sevilla, Andalucia

  Landscape and / or Figure / Sculpture possible
August 21 - September 4 2004
14 nights (1 week participation considered, please apply)

La Cartuja is an ancient, peaceful monastery set within the Sierra Morena Natural Park. Not many guesthouses can rival the history of La Cartuja, which has served as a religious site through the millennia and today is declared a Historical Monument, thanks to its dedicated owner and restorer Carmen Ladrón de Guevara y Bracho.

This retreat is dedicated to artists, writers and thinkers, taking the place of the monks, creating works of art, which is the spiritual food in these modern days. The rooms of the Guesthouse are decorated with works by visiting artists.

In the Cartuja of Cazalla de la Sierra you can enjoy:

  • Painting, drawing or writing accompanied by the silence of the place, disturbed only by the calls of the 200 or so species of birds that live in the woodland.
  • The sound of water which flows from an inexhaustible spring.
  • Refreshing yourself in the swimming pool or the natural spring-water pool.
  • The natural richness of the myriad botanical species in the surrounding woodland.
  • The permanent exhibition of the works of contemporary artists who have links with the Cartuja.
  • The cultivation and development of your artistic interests through direct contact with the Cartuja artists.*
  • Musical concerts which take place on a regular basis in the Refectory of the Cartuja, with its exceptional acoustics.
  • Theatrical and literary performances which take place throughout the year in the Cartuja.
  • Use of the healing centre, which offers a range of therapies, courses and activities.*

Please see their site at: http://www.skill.es/cartuja/

C o u r s e
Based on research and experience of years of artistic practice and teaching I will give you easily accessible but essential and concentrated knowledge of your subject, a basic understanding that will give you a valuable foundation to work from for a long time.

Gaining experience with structured guidance is the tenor of the course - rather than blind trial and error with mere finger-pointing at errors and mildly helpful demonstrations. Constructive learning can take place with understanding and direction, where the teacher can demonstrate the causes of mistakes and solutions that work. I am working intensively with every individual student.

Even the two week courses often seem too short as creative intensity and enthusiasm take over resulting in astonishing paintings even by beginners. So try for 2 weeks instead of one!

For full details please see

or contact Babette Adrian on 0777 979 89 37


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