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April, 2004 - Nr. 4


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Ball Austria 2004

  It was an evening to remember. This elegant event in the Royal York Hotel Toronto, was one of the grandest affairs in our community. It all started with a champagne reception at 6:30 p.m. when the guests started to arrive. While mingling they met old friends and acquaintances in the crowd to talk to and exchange memories and experiences, whilst an accomplished pianist entertained with beloved, predominantly Austrian melodies.

At the Reception


Piano entertainment during the receiptionMany of the memories of this evening were taken home via digital cameras. Almost every table seemed to have one at this gathering of kindred spirits. Technology conquers all!

Christine Meyer & John RaschkeAfter the reception the doors to the Concert Hall opened and the almost 300 guests found their seats at richly decorated tables to study the mouth-watering menu that featured dishes named after famous Austrian musical selections. The "Annen Polka" appetizer was a Parchment of East Coast Steelhead Trout with Red Onion Potato Salad; followed by a delicious Sweet Potato and Roasted Tomato Bisque called "Seufzer Gallop"; next came the "Radetzky Marsch" entrée: Noisettes of Pork Tenderloin, Flamed Cognac Paprika Sauce, Cauliflower and Potato Ragout, Braised Red Cabbage and Winter Vegetables. But that wasn’t all, and in keeping with the theme of the ball, the desert was a "Salute to Johann Strauß, (Vater)" - a rich Chocolate and Cherry Kirsch infused Torte, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Pistachio Créme Anglaise. Scrumptious doesn’t adequately describe these culinary masterpieces. Swarovsky donated to all the ladies present beautiful little lapel pins as party favours in the form of small silver and crystal swans.

Herbert Wolf, M.C.Before dinner was served Herbert Wolf, the evenings Master of Ceremonies, introduced Christine Meyer, President of the Canadian Austrian Society. She greeted the guests and marvelled at the wonderfully elegant assemblage of beautiful people this evening and to think, "that most of them are Austrians!!!" she remarked.Opening dance with Christine Meyer, President, and Dr. Karl Schmidt, Austrian Consul & Trade Commissioner

Unfortunately Dr. Otto Ditz, the new Austrian Ambassador to Canada was unable to attend, but Dr. Karl Schmidt, Austrian Consul and Trade Commissioner had graciously agreed to stand in and represent Austria.

Dr. Karl Schmidt & wife and Dr. Klaus Rupprecht & wife

Other honoured guests she mentioned were Dr. Klaus Rupprecht, Consul General of Germany, and his wife.

Dr. Alfred Wirth & Ms. Alison Dyer"However, we are most privileged to have in our midst tonight, for the first time, Dr. Alfred G. Wirth and Ms. Alison Dyer, senior University of Alberta administrator.

Dr. Wirth, following in his late father Manfred’s footsteps, is one of – if not the major – sponsors of the Canadian Centre for Austrian and European Studies, at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton", she continued.

The centre was established five years ago and has as its mandate and objective the co-operation between Canadian and Central European universities, including Innsbruck, Graz, Budapest and many others, to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, art exhibits, exchange of scholars and graduate students, as well as conferences and research projects of historical and cultural nature, between Canada and the six participating European countries.

In recognition of the Wirth family’s contributions to furthering these endeavours, the centre has recently been renamed The Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies. The Wirth Family Endowment Fund is anticipated to reach the 10 Million Dollar mark in 2006.

Mrs. Meyer concluded with "Please join me in applauding Dr. Wirth for his generosity and foresight, but most of all for his commitment to preserving the awareness within Canada of the contributions made by Austrians to this country’s culture and society".

Welcoming address by Dr. Karl Schmidt, Austrian Consul & Trade CommissionerDr. Karl Schmidt also greeted the guests with a short but powerful message that was gratefully received.

The Matt Lebar EnsembleTwo orchestras entertained during dinner and for the dance afterwards. The Matt Lebar ensemble and the Doug Zimmerman orchestra took The Doug Zimmermann Orchestraturns during dinner and continuously kept the dance floor full of dancers afterwards. Matt Lebar concentrated on familiar waltzes and polkas while Doug Zimmerman’s orchestra played a number of more contemporary tunes.

Mrs. Schmidt; Don McMillan, President Austrian Airlines; and the winner, Mrs. Christel NickoldLater in the evening the greatly anticipated moment arrived: the winning of the price of two airline tickets to Vienna, including a stay in the 5-star Ambassador Hotel and a visit to the Schlumberger Weingut, near Vienna. Mrs. Schmidt drew the winning ticket and the winner was Mrs. Christel Nickold. Don McWilliam, President of Austrian Airlines in Canada made the presentation after proper verification. Many other great prices were available and raffled off as door prizes to the delight of many unsuspecting guests.

Delicious tradition, goulash soupNear the close of the evening a traditional "Goulash Soup" was served at around 11:00 p.m.

What was the general consensus? It was an affair to remember!



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