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April, 2004 - Nr. 4


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Vienna Connection


Caroline Kuehn

So, getting around to writing this instalment has proven to be a little bit more difficult than I had hoped, since I think Iíve seen a computer all of once in the past few weeks! I canít believe how busy things have been around here. March has just flown right out the window! Well, Iím technically supposed to be at a rehearsal at the moment, but I called in sick (I actually am sick, and resting thank-you very much!) Right now, I get to enjoy a little bit of luxury, and a dog; Something Iím rather excited about. Iím housesitting/dogsitting for a friend of mine whoís off in England for the week. He was worried about his little Jack Russell, and knew that Iím wonderful with dogs, and that his dog thinks Iím great, so he asked if I could do the honours. So now I get to enjoy his apartment and the dog for the week!

Sigh, itís nice to enjoy a bit of calm now and then, to sip some coffee (gingerbread flavoured, because my friend Daniela gave me some Starbucks Gingerbread syrup for coffee) and enjoy a nice slice of Marmor Gugelhupf (translation, marble bunt cake! I just like the name Gugelhupf, and besides that, every time I think of the word bunt cake, it reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and makes me laugh!) So yes, Iím enjoying a bit of rest away from the hectic student life of the first district. Just in time too, because Iíve had concerts and rehearsals up the wazoo, and spent this entire week running from one rehearsal to the next, and then the concert-marathon, not to mention fitting in classes, practice, and a bit of social activity! Yes, the idea of not going to my rehearsal tonight and resting sounds just lovely! And besides, now I have the chance to write this article!

So, in the meantime, itís now been a year since I moved here to Austria. Last year, I spent Easter in Styria at my friend Verenaís auntís Bauernhof near Seckau (for those of your who know a little bit about Styria). This year, I had the chance to go back there, but I decided to sadly decline (although I had a blast last year). My sisterís decided to come to Vienna for Easter. That way she gets to sing with me at the Hofburg! It will be nice to see what the city does to celebrate...at least during the day, because at night, I intend to drag my sister to see Parsifal at the Staatsoper. Something tells me I wonít have to club her and bag her to take her there though! Although sheís not AS big a Wagner fan as I am, she definitely enjoys her fair share!

So, speaking of Parsifal, I saw one of its stars in the street while on my way to the Hofburg to sing at Mass this morning. Thomas Quasthoff, an amazing Baritone whoís mostly known in North America for his Lied interpretations is singing in Parsifal. I canít wait to see him. Well, he was just walking around the street this morning...along with 2 bodyguards! I also had one amazing run in while at Starbucks with a friend of mine...I almost hyperventilated when I saw Russell Braun (only one of my favourite Baritones since I was very young! I Loooove him! and heís Canadian!) sitting there having coffee. I was so giddy with excitement that I was pulling on my friendís sleeve and making strange whimpering noises (kind of like when Celie the Jack Russell Iím watching is begging for some "non-dog food!"). He then looked over and probably wondered what in the world was going on! But I just couldnít get myself to speak, such I was overcome with giddiness! Not like I normally even get starstruck at all! I ran into Anna Netrebko Russian opera superstar, actually also at Starbucks, and had a nice decent conversation with her and got her autograph! But with Russell, sigh, it was another story! Strange, because while at U of T I had done a master class with him, and his mother was a teacher of mine in 3rd and 4th year! Oh well, heís performing again tomorrow, and I will set up a stakeout by the Starbucks! Hehehe!

Anyhow, I guess I didnít get around to talking about the great exam I had all the way back at the end of January, so if you want to find out about that, youíll have to take me out for a coffee during the Summer! I thought it best to celebrate the Easter season by mentioning my famous random operatic run-ins. I just find it so incredible, that you can just see these people whom you admire and idolize walking in the street, going about their business! I guess people must feel the same way while in Beverly Hills or Hollywood or something! I guess you just have to remind yourself that they are regular people, and that this is a regular city, even though it all might seem kind of strange in a magical sort of way! Oh, and speaking of magic, I still havenít finished Harry Potter 5...slowly but surely! Grawp has just rescued Harry and Hermione! (those who know what Iím talking about will understand, and those who donít know, well, I still havenít spoiled it for you! start reading!)

Ok, well, I have to start planning my Bridget Jones dinner party here on Wednesday! Again, missing another rehearsal since I wonít be here for the concert next weekend! I can therefore test my culinary skills on some friends of mine while we watch Bridget go to the ritzy party dressed as a playboy bunny by mistake, and of course, in German! (titles are always changed in German, and so Bridget Jones becomes "Schokolade zum FrŁhstŁck" or chocolate for breakfast. Why they do this, nobody knows, but hey, it will definitely be fun to see how they translate the whole thing!) Well, happy Easter egg hunting everyone! I need to get back to cooking dinner and cuddling my "dog for a week".

Bye yíall!

Caroline Kuehn


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