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April, 2004 - Nr. 4


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As Time Goes By…

Rachel A.I. SeilernIt’s quite amazing how time seems to fly. Am I alone in thinking that it’s so, now more than ever? The evening of March 2nd was the Rosen Ball at the Donauschwaben Klub. After having been runner-up twice in a row, I am now Miss Danube! I’m so honoured that my friends in the youth group had faith in my ability to represent them. This year’s ball I found to be a quieter event than in years past, but like any evening spent with the youth group, it was lots of fun and went by too quickly. The youth group: It seems it has always been a collection of the most fun, accepting and ‘good’ young people. Last year you may have read my article on Caravan, which won the essay contest. I described the thrill of those late Caravan nights. Like eager happy birds on a wire we young ones whooped and hollered as the Youth group’s polka-ed up a storm----the girls skirts "a torrent of spinning green" and the handsome boys’ who danced with sprightly footwork between deafening stomps. What I remember most is that they were so nice to us little ones too.

Sunday, March 7th, was my first function as Miss Danube, the Kinder Masken Ball. I watched the next generation of Donauschwabs frolicking about the floor as sparkling pink princesses, gruff pirates etc. I looked up and saw 1994’s princess (who was Miss Danube when I joined the club) with her little niece on her lap. It is up to us to ensure that these little ones will grow up treasuring our culture.

This June the Donauschwaben Club is celebrating its 50th Anniversary!! What a very long and successful history this community has had over these years. For some of the members it must feel like, "Already 50 years have passed. It feels like it was yesterday that I…"

50 more years of this rich and colourful culture is a lovely thought.

Rachel A.I. Seilern


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