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May, 2004 - Nr. 5


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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

My delight is boundless, I am happy, spring is indeed here! A new patio set is gracing the deck in the garden, the first trees are in bloom and pretty soon I will be able to see my perennials in bloom and I can plant geraniums and bring all my houseplants outside.

Signs of SpringDriving along St. Clair Avenue West my extended neighbourhood, I almost have the illusion of being somewhere in Europe. Everywhere there are Italian shops, catering to their clientele in the same old way they have for decades. There is fish on ice on display, freshly delivered from the Maritimes; there are butchers who still hang a whole lamb in the window; there are grocery stores with an abundance of floral plants in front; cafés have put their patio settings out and the fashion stores intrigue with the newest in lady’s, men’s and children’s wear.

The best parts are the restaurants of every description. No longer is St. Clair just the hub of Italianates, South and Middle America have put in a strong presence, keeping in tune with Latin flavours, but offering variety.

I think we have become so used to getting into the car and going to other areas that we forget to explore our own neighbourhoods. Mostly they have a few secrets and surprises to offer where we least expect them. The Dutch ice cream parlour on Vaughan, just north of St. Clair is such a surprise. Winters and all summer long this colourful establishment is visible even from the far corner with painted cows and other paraphernalia. The ice cream has over the years undergone a metamorphosis and is not quite as sweet anymore; hallelujah, and other forms of frozen delights have expanded everyone’s pallet. Stepping inside is like a time warp: instant old Europe! Crammed in there are even table were one can sit over a huge banana split or another cold culinary delight. This would be also a good place to take your mom for treat, not just yourself and the kids.

And as Mother’s Day is just around the corner, you can do it soon! And by the way, most moms I spoke to prefer flowers they can enjoy longer than a couple of days. A window box filled with miniature roses are often more welcome than the long stem variety that disappoints after 2 days.

Showing interest in Mom’s life and any changes that take place in her home can reflect in an appropriate choice of beautifying objects, like a fancy planter, garden dishes in cheerful colors, or other things mom might not get for herself but would not mind having. May be she really needs to get out of the house! Perhaps a Spa visit as a treat is the thing, or a concert or two.

Be creative, forget the chocolates only routine. The best thing is to ask what is needed and wanted and persist in getting an answer, because moms have the habit of answering with " oh, nothing… I have everything I need…"

And here then is the advice to moms: Help your loved ones please you! Give them hints and tell them things about your preferences openly. You might be surprised at the result!

Well, I wish I still had a mom to spoil, but I do have my memories, and some of them are very precious.

Thus I wish all a wonderful and joyful Spring and to our mothers of course: Happy Mother’s Day!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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