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June, 2004 - Nr. 6


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Zurich Connection


Elisabeth KuehnSneak Peak

So, when I was thinking of my next update, it dawned on me that June would signify nearing the end of almost a whole year of having lived in Switzerland. What an interesting curve it’s been, to say the least. There has been, in a sense, constant fighting to get what needs to be done and the fight is still not yet over. One thing I have reminded myself of is to relax and take in the surroundings once in a while! You will of course relate to the fact that, wherever you live, you have to do just that, live and not only visit as a tourist. Of course, with new surroundings, things become exciting and one has got to take advantage of that, but then life and responsibilities set in and sometimes it makes your head spin!

Let’s leave these dramatics for a moment. I’d like to show you a bit about of the country in which I live. In earlier issues, I had given you a sneak peak into Zürich itself. But, I’m sure you’ve been busy to remember, so let me remind you! The most obvious thing to do would be to direct you toward one of the city’s main websites. Of course, I am assuming that in this day in age, most people have some sort of internet connection. However, it can be a wrong assumption as well. But, since I am far away, this is the easiest option! Please go to this address: www.zuerich.com and you will be transported into the city which announces that it is Downtown Switzerland. A tourist website awaits you. But this is no ordinary tourist website. Click away and you will find exciting pictures of the Grossmünster cathedral. Upon further read, you’ll find out that, according to legend, Charlemagne discovered the graves of the city’s martyrs, Felix and Regula and had a Church built on the spot. It is also the starting point of the Swiss-German Reformation led by Zwingli and Bullinger. But why am I telling you this? Have a look at the pictures!

If Churches aren’t your fancy, have a look at the pictures of the Opernhaus. You know I had to mention the Opera House! Even though the architecture is of the late-Baroque style, it only opened in 1891 and has been flourishing ever since with the voices and sounds of the world’s top performers. Cecilia Bartoli, one of the world’s leading mezzo sopranos is a regular performer here as she makes Zürich one of her homes!

Ok, so maybe the Opera House doesn’t peak your interest either, then I know what’s for you! Shopping!!! Save your cash because it will be spent, however very well spent here! Choose from the famous Bahnhofstrasse where the names Dior, Chanel, Vuitton, Armani, Zegna and Zürich’s own designer Navy Boot are paraded in their own shops as well as in the big department stores such as Globus, Grieder and Jelmoli. If you’re more of a funky style shopper and don’t look for the top designer fashions, then I’ve got the place for you! (Don’t I feel like your very own personal shopper!) You need to cross the Limmat river to Zürich’s Medieval area called the Niederdorf. On and around the Niederdorfstrasse, you’ll find your Freeman Porter, Killahbabe, Miss Sixty, Energie, etc. fashions. Not for the faint of heart in terms of colours, fabrics and styles! I’m always checking out the styles. One thing is for sure, the trends are in full flight here amongst the ones who so wish it! And style it up they will!

Do not only take my word for the excitement that goes on here, have a look at the site and additionally, click on the sites of the places that I’ve mentioned to find out more about what may peak your interest. I could go on an on about the fashion culture, the music, whether it be the hippest DJs spinning at some of the best clubs like Q, the Labor Bar, Supermarket, Pur Pur or Säulenhalle, the world’s top jazz stars at Moods im Schiffbau, or the classical stars at the Tonhalle, this place has got quite a few things going on!

Well my friends, I hope I’ve peaked your interest into this exciting city and I hope that at some point you’ll be able to come and visit it for yourself!

Enjoy the website tour and also try out the little movie that you can star in and direct!




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