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July, 2004 - Nr. 7


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Zurich Connection


Elisabeth Kuehn


Yes dear friends, itís that time again where you can throw your hands up and say: Letís do it, it is suuuummmeeeerrrr!

Reference to what you ask? Well, whatever pleases you!

I myself have planned the most out of this summer! Yes, at least 4 different trips here and there, mind you, 2 of them are conference related. Ok, since I know youíre waiting with bated breath for me to brag about where Iím going (I am being very presumptuous here, arenít I!), Iíll tell you. In about an hour of when Iím writing this, Iíll be off to Geneva for a Music workshop/conference for one week. Then, two nights rest in my apartment, then I fly to Barcelona for 5 days where Iíll meet up with a good friend from Toronto whoíll be in Europe and then we head north to Pamplona and the famous "Running of the Bulls". No need to worry about me, Iíll be fine as I wonít dare to run... in my heels! ;) Iíll just be watching and admiring this um, famous, um, tradition! A few stops to San Sebastian and Biarritz on the way back to Barcelona for my flight back to ZŁrich. There, Iíll just have one nightís rest where the next day (thatís right folks, no rest for the wicked), I fly back out in that direction to the Canary Islands (I know, youíre soooo hating me right now!). But, this trip is for a worldwide music conference for a week! Iím serious! Am I good or what!

Iím sorry to say that, thatís not where it ends. Of course, there had to be a time for when I could return to dear old Toronto and make the most of great shopping as well as being able to drive my car! These things are important, you know! :)

Now, ok, I must admit that of hearing of all of these excursions, youíre thinking, my, what a spoiled... But, listen, I figure, if you can, why not and I decided to pack in a few extra excursions. Originally, my summer was not this ambitious nor exciting. I must also say, that living here, you have no idea how easy it is to get somewhere very quickly. In three hours by train, I can be in Geneva or Stuttgart. I certainly have absolutely no reason to complain at all, nor am I!

From my last letter to you, I mentioned a few key sites and sounds of ZŁrich. I will add a few more today so that you can check them out. Last week, the famous ZŁrcher Festspiele began. That is, a city-wide theatre and music festival. In fact, Iíll be attending a special Opera presentation next week; Strauss, Der Rosenkavalier.

Check out the festivalís site here: www.zuercher-festspiele.ch/

Also happening in ZŁrich at the end of this week is the ZŁri Fšscht: www.zuerifaescht.ch, an extravaganza celebrating the city! I think Iíll take in the fireworks on Saturday night!

Well my friends, I encourage all the exploring you can and be sure to enjoy and make the most out of your sssuuuuummmmeeeerrrrr!


Elizabeth :)


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