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September, 2004 - Nr. 9


The Editor
Vorsicht Satire!
Rachel Seilern
From the Lockerroom
Dear Mom
KW & Beyond
Schlesierpicknick 2004
Ukrainian Festival
Dick reports...
Sybille reports
Ham Se det jehört?
Canadian Opera Company
Lucia di Lammermoor
Opera Ball 2004
Best for Artists
Stage Your Escape
Nibelungen Festpiele
Planet In Focus
Via Salzburg
The Ninth Day
Deutsche Welle Celebrates
German Wine in Transition
Berlin Airport Controversy
"White Rose"
Fire in Weimar
Wim Wenders Film
Reiselust Ungebrochen
Chancellor gets H2 Car
Renewable Energy
German Supercar

DW-World celebrates 10th
with blog award

  TWIG - Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW), is celebrating its 10th year online with a weblog award. Beginning in mid-September, DW-World will invite visitors to select their favorite weblog. The winner will be announced in December.

It’s no surprise that DW-World would get on board the current "blog" trend. From the beginning, DW’s online project has been on the World Wide Web’s cutting edge. From the site that launched in 1994 in 30 languages with articles based on the written copy of radio pieces, DW-Online has evolved into a full-fledged medium at Deutsche Welle, like DW-Radio and DW-TV, with its own full-time staff. Site visitors still find content in the 30 DW languages, but now DW-World includes video and audio streams, and interactive features like chats, surveys, quizzes, and other diversions.

This 10-year milestone for DW-Online is part of the more than half-century history of the broadcaster. Deutsche Welle began in 1953 as a German-language short-wave radio channel. A year later it expanded its program to address listeners in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. In 1959 it began broadcasting in Arabic, and in the 1960s it added more than 20 new languages, from Croatian to Kisuaheli. Today some 1,500 employees from more than 60 countries help produce Deutsche Welle’s television and radio programs and website. Though a government-funded news service, Deutsche Welle is known for its editorial independence and credibility.
Republished with permission from "The Week in Germany"




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