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September, 2004 - Nr. 9


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KW & Beyond

  by Irena Syrokomla

Princess Cinema in Waterloo and Bookshelf movie theatre in Guelph.

Tri-City is fortunate to have two independent movie theatres in the area. Princess Cinema is currently expanding and experiencing more demand for controversial artsy movies than ever before. Bookshelf in Guelph has a similar profile. I have attended three of their shows in August and the theatre was packed each time.

Fahrenheit 9/11 does not need my comments. It is an eye opener for the Americans who truly believe they live in a free country with free press and the freedom of expressing their own opinions. It is such a welcome change from pure entertainment films produced with the intention of catering to the lowest denominator. The movie is rough at the edges; occasionally the issues seem somewhat unfinished. It is similar in style to Bowling for Columbine, touching the topics sacred to Americans, maybe less sacred to Canadians. Politics and Saudis and money are discussed, rather than the actual 9/11 events and there is really no brutality in the September events shown. The movie should be viewed by every adult in North America.

The Control Room is a documentary about Al-Jazeera news channel, how it operates, what it shows. At the same time it presents the footings from interviews of American soldiers in Iraq and contrasts the Al-Jazeera broadcasts with that of CNN and other prominent American stations. Filmed with the shoulder camera, and full of spontaneous interviews it has a certain unfinished quality. Again, this movie similar to Fahrenheit 9/11 raises questions on the accuracy of news, mechanics of propaganda and democratic freedom. On occasion, the Arab reporters appear more open and more objective than their American counterparts, the open unsophisticated sincerity of some of the Al-Jazeera producers is quite gripping. Some of their statements are especially precious, like Deema Khatib, a real cynic, saying that if Fox news would offer him a job, he would accept it in an instant, and he plans to send his children to America for schooling. The movie was made before the revelations of the abuse of the prisoners in Bagdad, one wanders what would be added to the movie if there was time for it. It offers a different point of view and is very much worth seeing.

Supersize Me is one of those movies intended to disclose the hidden agendas of big corporations. This time it is McDonald’s and their influence on the increase in obesity and un-healthy lifestyle in America. Young and healthy 33-year old Morgan Spurlock documents what happens to him when he goes on a 30 day McDonald’s diet: every meal he eats comes from McDonald’s. By the 20th day of 3 daily meals, the doctors warn him that he is risking his life. The movie presents an overall analysis of the obesity problem and poor eating habits of Americans, on occasions it is quite bizarre, not a pretty sight but absolutely spellbinding. Half a year after releasing the movie McDonald introduced a healthy meal alternative, nothing to do with the movie, of course.

Princess Cinema is located in downtown Waterloo. The regular tickets are $9, If you are a member (annual membership $8) a ticket costs $6. What a bargain! The theatre has been fully packed each time I have been there, a good mix of students and audience over 50. The 2 months program is available for September and October, it is also listed on the internet.


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