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December, 2004 - Nr. 13


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Zurich Connection


Elisabeth Kuehn

Pictures of the season

Look! I mean, just look at this beautiful sight! How could you not want to make Winter your favourite season! No, this is not some high-tech 3D digital animation, it’s actually a photo of the Landesmuseum here in Zürich! Yes, the National Museum, you heard me right! For just over one month every winter, the Museum turns into a sight to behold. Time to get your skates out of your closet and go have some fun on the ice, skating amidst the beautiful lights focussed on the medieval-style building under the stars!

If you’re not quite the type to spend time on skates, but love the lights, your stop would be the famous Bahnhofstrasse where, for the last time (before the design changes next year), you’ll have this view:

Beautiful, no? After an afternoon of shopping, take your ‘Café zum Mitnehmen’ and go have a stroll with the icicle lights hanging above your head. I personally never tire of the lights and most of all, atmosphere!

At the end of Bahnhofstrasse, you’ll of course arrive to the Bahnhof! Either there or the lake. But, let’s say you’ve gone to the Main Station. You’ll be bombarded with sounds and scents of Christmas as the annual Christkindlimarkt is on, waiting to put a smile on your face! That is, if you can face the crowds.

Here’s just but a taste of what can be seen:

The Swarovski crystal-decorated tree will no doubt catch your eye and you’ll gasp in admiration either at the enormous tree or how the beautiful crystal was designed for this feast of the eyes. Or, you could wonder how it remains on the tree! I’ll stick to the first and second thoughts.

Take a walk through the lanes and you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to smell and taste the goodies of the season. The herbs, spices, Bratwurst & Bürli (that’s Brötchen, for all you people not in the know J ) as well as the heisse Schoggi (heisse Schokolade) are so enticing that you must come prepared to sample, eat, savour and most of all, spend!

From Zürich, I wish all the best for Christmas and certainly, einen guten Rutsch for the New Year!

Frohe Weinachten!



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