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January, 2005 - Nr. 1


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New Years Eve Celebration

  Just so any celebration actually could take place the board of directors at the Hansa Club wisely decided to place the mentioning of the disaster in the Indian Ocean pretty much at the beginning of the evening, together with a minute of silence to honour all those many lost lives. It was a good decision and people dipped into their wallets to collect money for the cause. Together with the clubs 400 dollars the amount grew to over 16 hundred dollars.

Table Talk Downstairs

Hansa President Reiner Walter & his wifeAfter this damper the good food and wine served for dinner the mood quickly improved, became less sober and party atmosphere finally came up. No one rushed through the delicious mixed salad and fresh buns. Chicken breasts and tender pork roast with green beans, red cabbage and mashed potatoes found a friendly reception and were praised by all. Red and white wine from Reif Estate complemented the meal. Right after dinner the band finally started to play and the dance floor was continuously packed to sounds from right across the musical garden.

Table Talk Upstairs

Many faces were unfamiliar to some of us, yet many friends and regular visitors also came. Prominent business people arrived and occuLilo, Sybille & Loupied a table, such as the folks from Brandt Meat, Crown Food and their guests. The media was well represented too. Other then ourselves we registered Paul Schneider and Heidi and Helmut Gschoesser with his wife.

Festive crowd

"Stimmung!"The venue was completely sold out well in advance of the evening and upstairs was also opened up to accommodate more people close to the Champagne Bar. They even had their own music up there and they were in "Stimmung" much earlier than we were downstairs.

Champagne barTo escape the boisterous scene downstairs many trips were made to the "Sekt Bar", where in good old German tradition Henkel Trocken Piccolos were awaiting their fate.

Couples and Friends

Party mood a-OKThis year the decorations were even more resplendent than last year and the tables were elegantly set, even though 10 persons to a table are VERY tight! The service was fairly swift too, and this time the coffee actually arrived almost together with the cake! Wow! German style and speed!

Happy New Year, Toni Baumann & SybilleMuch dancing and laughter could be observed and time flew by and suddenly it was time for a countdown to midnight.


...three, two, one, zero......Happy New Year...





...Greeting the new year with a bang

The balloons came down from the ceiling and were happily stomped on after much hugging and kissing and well wishing with champagne all around. The New Year could begin immediately after the old one, in form of confetti and paper and balloon lint, had been swept away by a special board member work crew.

Well Wishings

All that excitement caused hunger or at least some appetite. No problem! Big plates of delicious sandwiches arrived on the tables. People settled down, ate, reflected and slowly started to leave after 1 am.

Happy New Year, Maria Stritzl, Sybille & Inge BaumannHappy New Year, Sybille & Joe Stritzl





The highway into Toronto had a rush-hour feel to it, but there were no problems or stops.

Goofing aroundIt was a great party! And we heard that others were just as good.

We wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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