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March, 2005 - Nr. 3


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  It is good of you to remind me that I have not written for a while. I do know how important it is to maintain good communication with you and my friends, but sometimes life is getting just too hectic and something has to give.

Sometimes I wonder how you and Dad managed to do all the things you accomplished, and that with a business, a full household and children.

Has life gotten faster? It probably has, and all due to the instant communication facilities in this world. Everything travels faster, goods, mail, communication, and they also want to be handled in a more immediate fashion. This fills up a schedule pretty fast.

I have colleagues here in Germany that numb themselves before they fall into bed at 1 or 2 am in the morning by going to the pub after they leave their offices at nine o’clock at night. I do not even want to think about what else they do other than drinking too much beer. I had a few weird invitations to designer "stuff", if you know what I mean, and declined, and now I have a reputation as Mr. Goody-two-shoes.

Ah well, did you not tell me that in your days the smoking of "pott" was all the rage and that you were called Miss Prissy because you preferred a glass of Cognac to the weed?

And hey, what is it that I read about all those Marijuana grow places, and shootings? That is what you get when a government encourages the use of drugs. The strange idea that making the possession and use of grass not a criminal offence is ludicrous. Who did the math? If something becomes a free for all the demand grows and then production will grow, legal or illegal.

In the meantime we are being inundated with anti smoking regulations. At least regular cigarettes do not make anyone hallucinate!

And by the way, I made the same observation you made so many years ago: People on dope loose the ability to communicate. They sit there and run around in their head and do not flow power to anyone or anything other then what they have accumulated in there; and let me tell you, it is a lot of garbage. The longer they do that the more they loose touch with reality, become irritable and very hard to be with.

But the worst part is that their work suffers and in the case of my best buddy, you know who he is, he expects me to pick up the slack for him.

So that is another reason why I have not written. I had to pull double duty and it is becoming too much for me. I have to find a resolution to this dilemma I find myself in: Do I just dump a friend, or do I tell a senior in the company about the problem or what?

Maybe you can give me some advice when I come home for Easter. YES, I am coming home! Flight is booked!

See you then!

Martin, in a hurry…


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