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March, 2005 - Nr. 3


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Zurich Connection


Elisabeth KuehnMusings

The travelling minstrel is here again to entertain you with tidbits of the country mostly known as CH; the Helvetic Confederation that is. I haven’t been in touch for a while even though I have been with you in spirit. First of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year, albeit a few months after quite a few world-stirring events. I hope you have been able to spend some time with your loved ones, wherever they may be.

So, we are dead in the middle of winter, well, getting toward the end of winter, although by the looks and feel of the –10C temperature outside, you wouldn’t think so! So, it’s either time to stay in or go out (although very briefly) and enjoy the snow (if you ski, snowboard or snowshoe), the blue sky and the mountains. Mmm, mountains! The first stop on the Troubadour trip is St. Moritz (www.stmoritz.ch) with a sidestep to Davos (www.davos.ch).  (Picture: www.davos.ch)

Now, since I am probably the only Canadian that doesn’t really ski or snowboard, I shall leave these two snow-covered gems alone and continue on my journey to find the perfect troubadour audience. *Aside: Troubadours and Trouvères were French aristocratic travelling minstrels in the Middle Ages. While I am not trying to re-invent myself as a trobairitz of the Middle Ages, I find the term appropriate for many reasons. To test your knowledge of music of the Middle Ages or any other for that matter, try The Enjoyment of Music website http://www.wwnorton.com/enjoy/chronological/index.htm and listen to the music on the tuner.

And I digress quite a bit… However, since I am on the topic of music at the moment, let me draw your attention to the Swiss version of the CBC; Radio DRS. Right, so you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this. Well, maybe you’d like to listen to it sometime. I personally often listen to Schweizer Radio DRS 2 (Classical and Jazz), which has quite good programming. Mind you, the commentators do speak in German. http://www.drs.ch/drs2.html. OK, so there’s also the RSR, Radio Suisse Romande (français), RSI, Radio della Svizzera Italiana and if you’d really like to give your brain a workout, try RR, Radio Rumantsch. Personally, the last one doesn’t bring me much… maybe something to do with the Rumantch…

Question for you: Perhaps there is something you’d like to know about this country, the music, etc. Why don’t you drop me a line, ekuehn@echoworld.com and I can fill you in as much as I can. Or, if you’d just like to say hello, please do.

On that note, I bid you adieu for now,

Ade mitenand,



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