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April, 2005 - Nr. 4


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From the Locker-Room


Well, unfortunately I am writing to you from outside the locker room this time. It feels bad to tell you that we ended our season prematurely, especially with the calibre and talent that we had. Though this is how the game of hockey works and all of sport for that matter, sometimes the better team does not win and there can be many factors influencing this.

You probably will never see so many young men in tears, as you would have being in the locker room on our last night as a team. Many shed tears of disappointment, others in fear of what is in store for their future and some in just pure shock. Sitting there in my favourite environment surrounded by my family and not wanting to believe it is all over, but knowing deep down that it is, has an effect that is hard to put in to words.

Looking around at the men that you’ve spent so much of your time with and experienced the good and bad with hurts the more you look. You just stare at the ground and wish it could be different, wishing the season could continue, as hockey at this point is what runs your life. Now what is there? What will I do with my time and for next year?

The good thing is that life does go on after a season ends, I know it’s hard to imagine but it is true. Now I will have to concentrate on next year, where I will end up playing and starting a new family. I will need to work on improving my skills, as there is always room for it despite what some will say. Keeping your head up and knowing you are a hockey player through and through, that is how you live your life and it never stops, season or no season you are always looking for that edge and do what is needed to end up where you want to go.

Right now I am looking at going one of two routes to continue my hockey career: One being the school route where I will be playing for a University most likely in the USA as well as continuing my education on a scholarship.

The other route is going right into professional hockey, most likely overseas in Europe, where I will start to actually make a career out of this game I’ve invested so much of my time into.

To be honest, either route is very inviting for one reason; I will continue doing what I love. There is no room to be disappointed in how my season ended this year, no need to dwell on the past when there is such a bright future ahead, full of hope, promise and most importantly more hockey.

It’s been great sharing my experience with every one and I’ve grown quite a lot as a hockey player and as a young man. Although I will not be spending my time in the Oakville Blades locker room, I have something better, the memories and experience that I now have.

Signing off from outside the locker room, thanks for coming with me on my journey and who knows where I will be writing from next year!

Darren McKague


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