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May, 2005 - Nr. 5


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The Pope's Germany
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PM to the New Pope
Fischer gratuliert Papst
Drama and German
Natural Healing Therapy
Finale for Symphoniker
TSO Festival a Hit
TSO May Listings
Two Young Russian Wonders
Schiller Set a Classic
Berlin Theatre Festival
Cruise Sightings
The Arts Barns
Max Ernst Retrospective
Hot Spot Leipzig
The Art of Aviation
Arctiv Fever
Bear Wise Program
Tourist Attraction Autobahn
Lights Out
German Scientist Awarded

From the Locker-Room


For All The Times I Didnít Say

Thinking about the things theyíve done,
If your a daughter or a son.
For all the times you scream and shout,
And they try to help you out.
Doing whatever it is they can,
To raise a lady or a man.
Everytime they make you feel great,
They have their very own special date.
For all the times you didnít say,
I love you mom on Motherís day.
Easily you can fix it all,
Starts with a letter or a call.
You should feel it from the heart,
They were the ones to give you a start.
Whenever you called, guess who came,
When you were down, who did the same.
They are the ones who always care,
They are the ones who are always there.
For all the times I didnít say,
I LOVE YOU MOM! On Motherís Day

Darren McKague


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